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Saturday, July 26, 2008

447) The Seven Areas of Masculinity !

Janet Saltzman Chafetz describes seven areas of masculinity in general culture:
  1. Physical : virile, athletic, strong, brave. Unconcerned about appearance and aging.
  2. Functional : provider for family, defender of family from physical threat.
  3. Sexual : sexually aggressive, experienced. Single status acceptable.
  4. Emotional : unemotional, stoic, never crying.
  5. Intellectual : logical, intellectual, rational, objective, practical.
  6. Interpersonal : leader, dominating; disciplinarian; independent, free, individualistic; demanding.
  7. Other Personal Characteristics: success-oriented, ambitious, aggressive, proud, egotistical, moral, trustworthy; decisive, competitive, uninhibited, adventurous.

Hmmm, What do you think?



amina said...

I think such man doesnt exist!

Yasmine said...

selfish. you forgot selfish :)