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Monday, July 7, 2008

436) Egypt : 10 Things I hate about you!

Because I love this country so much, I wish I wouldn't have been writing about this but I feel that I have to... Egypt has lots of wonderful stuff, but the negative side has been dramatically growing through the past couple of years.

I was thinking, is there really 10 things I do hate about Egypt, and surpizingly I found 10 and even more!!!

10. El Fahlawa.
9. Dirty & Bad Smells.
8. El Wasayet.
7. Traffic.
6. Educational System.
5. Lack of Vision.
4. Hypocrisy
3. Lack of Democracy
2. Illiteracy
1. Passiveness

See, it was very easy to fill up, I bet everyone of you can post 10 of his or her own!



Amr Ahmed said...

these 10 points is the main reason of our bad conditions

f u they changed
egypt will change

nice topic my friend

Anonymous said...

I agree, moreover People r becoming so rude. For example, no one waits for the elderly to cross the street and holds the door for them. No one says thank you any more.

bashandi fi amrika said...

mohaly your ten points of contention are universal!!!

10. El Fahlawa.----have you ever experienced NYC
9. Dirty & Bad Smells.------again NYC south of canal st.
8. El Wasayet.------umm el wasta USA
7. Traffic.-----------back to NYC
6. Educational System.-----well can't really refute that!!!
5. Lack of Vision.------ditto with vision
4. Hypocrisy-----our politicians
3. Lack of Democracy----can we say fla. 2000
2. Illiteracy-----yes we are and add ignorant.
1. Passiveness------peple don't vote here

so see masr isn't all that bad :D

omar said...

ya bashandi, this comparison is unfair. you have a minimum requirment of human behavior and rights in US.

Mohaly has written many topics about development in Egypt and ideas about it; however, this doesnt mean that we have problems much more than we should have as most of it we are the direct reason of.

I remember in a previous post that Cairo ranked 130 over the world in development and being a good place to live in!

P.S. Newyork is one of the worst cities to live in in the USA.


Tamer Mokhtar said...

ahh ya mohaly shewaya sheyasa we shewaya maskhara :D bass eshta el taghyeer latif bardo :)

i see that this post is lacking in couple of areas:
but in general i see that counting 10 things and relating it into Egypt as a country, is not really applicable, and i disagree on using the "hate" expression and if you are going to use it shouldn't be addressed to Egypt as country, maybe to some/most people!

as addressing Egypt will not make a difference :) Egypt law leha edeen we regleen makansh da ba2a 7alha :D

welsalam khetam, we a7eb atamenek ya mama en el segen mesh zay ma el nass fahma, etghayar tamaman wetele3 fe gym we sauna we Thai massage, ana se7ety ba2et 3al el 3al!!!
Welma3na fe 2afa el sha3eer