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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

437) Egypt : 10 Things I Love about you!

I guess I can't pass post 436 without writing this post too coz couple of decades ago it would have been hard to find 10 things to hate in Egypt, we -Egyptian people & government- has turned it almost the opposite in such short time!

So the 10 things I love in Egypt are:

10. The Diversity of People (blend).
9. Devotion of women to their families.
8. Long & Rich History.
7. Ramadan Spirit.
6. El Nas El Taybeen (most of them).
5. The Moderate Weather (no natural disasters, kolaha unnatural).
4. Egyptian Food (Molokhoia, Koshari, Ta3meya..etc).
3. Amazing ability to adapt to any situation!
2. The beautiful Nile (specially in Aswan).
1. It is my homeland after all :)



Anonymous said...

ya mahaly

number nine was featured in the new yorker (magazine) about 2 years ago. The article sang the praises of how egyptian girls are faithful, endless fountains of devotion etc....

Amr Ahmed said...

it's our home land after all

hope u review this post


my regards

Anonymous said...

It is not my homeland but i love Egypt as well