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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

434) FUN ::: Emsek 7aramy!

1. Shoese, ya3nee wala 7arf sa7!
2. El aham: Why would any one call his store El 7aramy, ya3nee is it a new marketing technique to grasp attention, or is it the family name, wala the man is honest and setting our expectations right from the beginning?!!


kochia said...
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kochia said...

انت بتحيب الصور الجامدة دي منين ؟؟
لقطاتك حلوة ومميزة

وطبعا الاسماء الغريبة جاذبة اكتر من غيرها


gjoe said...

Reminds me of "الوغد للتأمين"