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Thursday, July 24, 2008

446) Mr. Omar Soliman !

Will Omar Soliman be the fifth president of Egypt when Mubarak term ends, or at least the vice-president after his powerful role in Regional political scene?

I don't know and I guess no one has the answer to that question (may by President Mubarak). I personally see some pros and cons:

- The EIC (mokhabarat) is still one of the reputable and most respected entities in Egypt, and this directly is reflected on its Chief.
- The Military will be supporting because of his military background.
- Well known and respected in the Arab Region, Europe, & the US.
- Too old to start a presidency (72 now, 75 when Mubarak term ends in 2011).
- I don't think there is an agenda for a breakthrough change to solve the current problems.
- He has been working with Mubarak regime for too long and never objected.

"Although many have voiced that these rumors are true due to many factors including power, respect amongst Arab leaders and Israel, neither Suleiman nor the National Democratic Party spoke of this or commented on any future political role for Suleiman." The Atlantic



Shimaa Gamal said...

fakarteny ya Mohaly lama el kalam keter 3ala Amr Moussa we kanet el nateega enoh ba2a ameen 3ama el gam3a el 3arabeya ...

Hanshoof, bas I guess if the rumors started to take the form of the rumors elly kanet ayam ana bakarah israel we ba7eb 3amr Moussa
hanla2y Omar Soliman fi 7eta tanya khales

teftker howa el mo7alal elly haygy 3ashan mayb2ash fi tawreeth?

3ala fekra mawdoo3 en el mokhabarat is one of the reputable and most respected entities in Egypt mesh a pro, konoh mowazaf with a military backgroud 7aga mesh fi masla7toh khales, e7na mn sa3et ma 3abd el nasser welly ma3ah ma tel3et fi dema3'hom yeraga3o el nady we bel mara yetrodo el malek we7na ta7t 7okm el 3askar. el giesh elly enta bet2ool will be supporting mesh howa el geha elly el mafrood yet3melha 7esab fi meen ye7kom masr, el mafrood en el giesh geha mo7ayada wala2aha lel balad momasala fi el solta elly te7kom be2khteyar el sha3b we wefkan lel dostor, mesh en el ra2ees yeb2a shar3y le2noh haykhod ta2eed mn el giesh.

Anonymous said...

adeeku shuftu ....

Anonymous said...

adeeku shuftu ....