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Saturday, July 5, 2008

435) Malkom ya Banat Masr!!

I am surprized from the increasing amount of Egyptian girls who became VERY open in their relations with guys in different social classes. Many girls now talk openly about stuff and needs that is beyond expectations from the default shy Egyptian girls.

I think the semi-nude video clips & singers that has been running for the last 5 years had made a great impact on the general level of shyness in this country specially among girls. See Doli Shaheen in this photo, she is in a Corporate Event and wearing like this!!!

Howa ya3nee ya matsalemsh ya te2la3!! What an extreme society we have become!

Allah yer7am ayam Abdel-Halim's girls..

We 3ala ra2i Sonbol: MALKOM YA BANAT MASR!!



Anonymous said...

i think you men love this type of women and r after them and u do not like any more Abdel Halim Hafez type of girls! The last type did not vanish but they r rare and needs search, when they r found, their shyness becomes a problem in relationships (i mean sth official) bec they cannot deal well and men do not excuse them or give them their time.

Anonymous said...

They do not hang out with boys bec it is Haram (prohibited) and they follow Allah's saying:
"وَلَا مُتَّخِذِي أَخْدَانٍ "
i.e. malhomsh fi el hals. They get married through arranged marriages. and at the end beyakhdo
3ala demaghom bec they are unaware of men's tricks and bec when they love they love sincerly and they trust people but unfortunatelly they fall for mean men.
p.s. proud to be one of them

Mohaly said...

i know ya anonymous this kind of girls, because I have one at home (my little sister) and she had with her 1st fiancee, but el hamdulah God granted her with a great husband who appreciates these qualifications.

I cant say that they typical girls now are not tempting and shines more in guys' eyes, but deep inside any honest man have to admit that he has much more respect for such rare kind, they are unique and need to handled with care.

Keep it up anonymous, and rabena yerzo2ek beli ya2adarek in-shaa-Allah.

Regarding Abdel-halim girls, I cant talk about all men, but I am a GREAT FAN of them. They are not so conservative but not "a prostitue-like" or "a guy-like" such as many girls now. They are romantic, beautiful, sensitive, simply they were GIRLS.

(but to be fair, at that time guys were regala begad bardo).

Geeee said...

count me in Mohaly.

only love said...

hi all:
actually mohaly i only agree with you in ( many girls) but i totally disagree with you till the end of this post. coz this means that u r categorizing girls into two categories whether to be opened or closed and forgot that there are alot of categories in between. come on mohaly u r speaking about millions of girls.every one of them has her way of living.
most of the girls currently are well-educated and opened to different cultures and different countries. they are the one who decides what to take and what to leave according to their customs and religion rights.

i agree with anonymous that most of u EGYPTIAN GUYS( and i mean it most of u) like these kind of girls and run behind them regardless their behaviour.

Yasmine said...

improper behavior, or whatever you want to call it, always existed, and will always exist, as long as we live on the face of the earth.
it's all about how overt people are about it.

zaman, it was hidden, today, it's out in the open. some even pretend to be saints, and do it in hiding. some have the image of a devil, but at the end, they're not doing anything further than looking like they are.

we're trying to label people, again.
as long as we keep doing that, we'll all be very frustrated, disapproving, and we'll keep thinking we're better than everyone. and we're not.

live and let live.

Mohaly said...

we didnt stop life yasmine, we are living, and leaving them to live as well, and as I said none of us is perfect.

But I disagree about just leaving stuff without discussing it just in order not to label people.

We are part of the society after all. wala eih!

شهد الكلمات said...

حلوة يا اما ماتسلمش يا اما تقلع
المشكلة ان لكل فعل رد فعل كل ما بتظهر نوع دولي شاهين و اخوتها الحلوين بتظهر نوعية الاسدال و غيره
و مع الاسف و اضح ان الوسطية و الاعتدال هايختفوا بعد شوية

انا فاكرة في بوست كنت نزلته اللي كان في صور الحجاب يعني حتي الغرب و الفكر العولمي ( اللي جاي من العوالم طبعا ;) بيغير فيه البنطلون ضايق و عليه بادي و ألبسي يا اخت يا محجبة و غيرها و غيرها من مظاهر

ثم خلينا نبين نقطة بعيدا عن كل الكلام ده لما البنت تلاقي الشباب عمالين يحلفوا بحياة الست هيفا و لا شقاوة نانسي ولا خفافة معرفش مين فا طبيعي البنات تقلدهم عشان يبقوا روشين حلوين طعمين و يتنيله يتجوزوا و ولا الشباب بيتجوز و ولا البنات بتعرف تجيب عريس بالطريقة دي !!!! و ربنا يهدي

شهد الكلمات said...

إعلان هام

تم بحمد الله افتتاح فرعنا الجديد في المدونات مدونة حكاوي القهاوي
تعاطفك واحده مش كفاية أتبرع و لو بزيارة
تعالوا زورونا باي باي

Elham shaban said...

Dear Mohaly:
i agree with you that abdel Halim Hafez's girls were having an amazing mix but u have to agree with me that men at that time are either too open or too conservative, and that what i'm suffering from