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Sunday, July 27, 2008

448) Good Bye Great Egyptians !

It seems that 2008 is the year of loosing our great Egyptian figures. After Gamal Badawy, Younan Rizk, Abdel Wahab El Mesery, Magdy Mahana, today (27-7) we lost the Great Youssef Chahine, one of the cinema landmarks not only in Egypt, but in the whole Middle East & Arab World.

10 years ago in 1998 we also lost many great intellectuals, and Amr Diab then has sung "Ana mahma kebert soghayar". It seems that it is a cycle every decade. A whole generation (between world wars generation) is almost gone. A generation that produced the last breed of the great men in this country.

Kan nefse ye3molo film men ta2leef Naguib Mahfouz, we beteloet omar el sharif, we ekhrag youssef shahin :(

God Bless Youssef Chahine, and grant Egypt new intellectuals to fill-up all these empty spots in our cultural and social life.

P.S We were born on the same day but with a 50 years difference, and we met in Zurich in 2001!!

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Ola said...

He is not replacable/ The cinema will never be the same :-(