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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

444) Standard of Living in Egypt......We ba3den?

El denya ba2et ghalia awy! Begad, prces are going crazy!! Egypt used to be a cheap or even moderate place, now it is really getting expensive. Try eating out in a fast food restaurant, you will pay about 10 dollars, go for a real restaurant you will pay around 30 dollars, go to a fancy one, then not less than 100 dollars.

Same thing for clothes, car stuff, entertainment,....etc. I spent the last 10 days alone, and had to buy every single thing, and realized that it is becoming harder and harder to JUST KEEP within the standards I am used to, ya3nee the goal now became to MAINTAIN, where DEVELOP is kind of a luxury with such dramatic increases!

Goodbye to the Single House Dream!

P.S> Still believing that we gonna be better, just don't ask me how!


Shimaa Gamal said...

I know we will be better :) ezzay mesh 3arfa, bas kol liel we loh akhier. ya keda ya ne2leb bats :) & nata3ayash ma3 el liel.

wana fi el 3omra, I kept praying for Egypt. 7asiet en aktar 7aga me7taga do3a heya el balad di. rabena yatakabal do3aya.

kochia said...

انا عارفة اننا هنبقي احسن
امتي مش عارفة
ازاي مش عارفة

بس بسرح بفكري وبحلم بحاجات متغيرة فيها بلاقيها احلوت اوي
والحاجات دي مش كتير
بس محتاجة اشخاص يغيروها بايديهم
اكيد ليهم وقت وهيجوا
رغم كل حاجة وحشة بنشوفها بس برده عندي تفاؤل
مش عارفة سببه ايه