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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

433) I don't wanna be a Pimp!

Summer has started, and the culture of Sa7el will dominate over everything else, then will come Ramadan, and after that no body will remember any of the current challenges and problems.

Sometimes I do feel that Egypt is a bitch, and the people are acting as her pimp!! and I really don't wanna be a pimp. I really do care. I am giving all my time to the development of this country (paid and unpaid), but it is like Taming of the Shrew! People are enjoying the role of the pimp and selling Egypt to whomever pays more, but the country is not that sexy anymore, and I am afraid that one day the pimps will be bitches themselves!!!



omar said...

ya 3azizi kolohon 3aherat, if Egypt is a bitch, Dubai teb2a eih?

karim said...

زهئت من قوله بكره تحلى و من تانى هينور طريقى و اعتر ف الباب اللى يقطع طوله عذابى و حاولت ارجع يمكن القى خلاصى ف ذكرى ملقتنيش فاكر غير نفس القوله بكره تحلى..

من صبرى على الحزن معدتش حاجه تفرح
مبقتش عارف ببكى لجل البكى و لا يمكن الدموع بتريح
و بقت الحياه دموع بتصبرنى على حزن و ضحكه كانت ساكنه القلب مش عارف امتى هتروح..

صعبانه عليا الأيام و كل شمس عليا بتغرب
صعبان عليا يا دنيا اعيشك الزام و كل أحساس منى بيهرب
الا الندم على نهار عدى وبكره بيقرب
و حيره سؤال هوصل و لا هفضل متغرب

from heave leave life

only love said...

hello all:)
how are you doing mohaly? hope everthing is ok. but it seems like it'snot. eh el sawad el faze3 ely enta shayfo dah el sora msh soda a2wy keda. maybe fe3lan the culture of el sa7el and so on will start with alot of people but won't take along time specially with people who have a vision. this culture will stay may be for 2 weeks max. and then they start their fight again with achieving their goals. so i think it's normally that all people will think of this stuff like el sa7el and ramadan but they will think about their goals and their problems also.
don't give up, alot of people are trying also for having a better egypt, and your efforts won't go in vain :)

nourita said...

Are you ok?

At least you're not a spectator!



nourita said...


I changed my opinion :)

"the culture of el sa7el " it means having holiday, enjoying sun and beach? no?

Come one Mohaly, We all need some rest ,including youself :)

Be Well Mohaly the pic is not that dark.

Mohaly said...

may be i got depressed a little!