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Saturday, June 28, 2008

432) What Women Want; A Male Prespective -Intro!

After the Success of What Men want, and bena2an 3ala talab el gamaheer, I will start the "What Men think Women Want" series this summer.

In this new series I will be talking about what men think women want, and what women actually want. It is a tough series since I am a guy, and since the majority of the blog audience is girls. But anyway, the floor is open for suggestions, comments, and even corrections.

Men -in general- find themselves hardly able to understand what women think and what women want from them. Men think that women a complex subject, and they will take everything from them especially their freedon. It is a tough experience that men have to aquire.
On the contrary, women just hope to receive more attention, love and care from the men regardless their financial and social status. They just want men to praise them, to support their mentality, spiritual and basic needs.



nourita said...

I have sth to share here
Strangest thing that I heard

I was attending a master class, one of the professor asked us abt motivations behind attending this class, especially after a long, tiring working day…
One of the guys attending the class stated that women in this class were looking for a husband
It was a joke maybe… but looking at the guys’ eyes I felt that he really meant it… so women were taking courses in the scoop of finding a man , a potential husband

So for men perspective, all the ways lead to Rome & all occasions are good for a woman to trap a man & be married

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hey Nora :)
Ironically enough, this guy might be true. I know a group of people who decided to do a post graduate degree just to hunt a bride/ groom. They called it diplomet el 3arees… LoL
And there are many girls I know who are attending different types of courses as a sort of exposure. Maybe yela2o 3adalhom, be3tbar enohom mayleen :)
But do you really think that men believe that the ultimate goal for any woman is to find a husband? Ay ragel ya3ny? Like defined in the movie “3awdet el ebn el dal” 7aga covered in hair and smells like cigarettes? I don’t know what men think about what women want, that’s why I can’t wait to read more of Mohaly’s posts

شهد الكلمات said...

اولا اهنيك علي السلسة الجديدة و ان شاء الله تبقي جميلة زي اللي قبلها

ثانيا كلامك في كتير من الصح
بس اهم حاجة الرجالة مش بيعرفوها ان الست لما بتحب بتكون كتاب مفتوح يقدر يقراه بسهولة و ممكن يكتب فيه كمان بس مع الاسف الهبل بيشتغل من الجنس الخشن و ماتفهمش بيتعمي و مابيعرفش يقرا الكتاب لية !!!!!و يبتدي يدور علي حاجات تانية كتير يفك بيها تلاصم الست مع انها مفكوكة اساسا

omar said...

nourita: welocme back. Men are Hunters by nature!

nourita said...

Hey Shimaa

"But do you really think that men believe that the ultimate goal for any woman is to find a husband? Ay ragel ya3ny?"

I hope not :-)
of couse not, i dont know!

Hi Omar

How is life?

bashandi Afandi said...

all we want a pretty face and a waist to match their iq ------so simple :D

Anonymous said...

على فكره انتوا الاثنين زى بعض ... وجهان لعملة واحده .... جماهير و الرجال ... انجوووووووووووى يا محمد