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Saturday, June 14, 2008

422) Honna Al Qahira XVII !!

Tab Eih?! Ya3nee el ragel labes el korsy badal el khoza (Helmet) wala eih el point belzabt?!


omar said...

khozet eih ya 3am
el korse arkhas we aho taghyeer
3ala ra2ee Gypo (allah yer7amo) ah ya balad!

Mona said...

Omar, Did Gypo pass away for real? I don't know the guy but I was just curious because you said allah yerhamo.

kochia said...

يا عم ده مش كرسي
دول كرسيين
يمكن الراجل موديهم حتة هنا ولا هنا يكسب من وراهم قرشين
والخوذة تلاقيها هنا ولا هنا

omar said...

no no. he didnt ba3d el shar, but he just dropped out form life as if he passed away

Mona said...

Thanks for the clarification. I figured it might be used as a slang, that's why I asked.

A comment on the biker picture-

I have always been impressed by the egyptian casual bikers ability to balance their bikes with such heavy items on the top of their head, that's a real talent right there. I think they should recruit some of these bikers in our National Championship Cycling team.
We could probably be able to win the tour de france after a year of intensive training.

Geeee said...

we have some skills really and we are proud of it.. ma bara kaman by3melo 7agat a3'rab men de wala heya gat 3andena we we2fet ya3ny :P