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Monday, June 2, 2008

416) What Men Want - Episode 8 !

Building on what we said last episode "challenge", men want a woman whom the can "communicate with". Men don't like angry women who shout & Hit. They want a woman who can debate and is able to discuss.Men like smart women but to an extent as they dont like them to outsmart them in some stuff ;))
No matter what the man says about wanting a follower, he at the end needs someone as his personal consultant, and this role is best played when this consultant is his wife (started dreaming, huh!)

Ya3nee I wanna say that Communication is a key word in any successful relationship.



شهد الكلمات said...

اية ده انا اول واحدة اعلق !!!!!!!!! امال فين شيماء
يا رب تكوني بخير

التفاهم شيء اساسي في الجواز ولا بد منه عشان الحياة تمشي لان لو ماحصلش كدة هاتكون العيشة كلها نكد و خناق و ده مش من طرف الزوجة بس زي مانتوا تملي ظالمنها في رجالة لا بتتفاهم و لا حاجة و كلامها اوامر حتى لو غلط و مهماش صح و ده طبعا متفشي بصورة واضحة و كبيرة في مصر و العالم العربي
اكن عشان ربنا رزقه بشنب و دقن يبقي خلاص يحكم و يتحكم في مراته الغلبانة
و كلمة التفاهم دي تبقي مفقودة
و يقوم البيت حريقة


Mona said...

Oh Man! Out of all days, Monday is the day I don't feel like debating.

omar said...

ok mona, debate tomorrow :)

Mona said...

You made me laugh :D on a Monday morning. It's a miracle!
Thank you.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Ana aho ya Shahd :) giet el sob7 we la2iet mafeesh 7aga adefha :) bas ya3ny mn bab ra2asa we betro2os nedeef bardo :)

I don't believe there is any type of relationship without communication. Actually sometimes the way of communication is what defines the relation. bas dah maymna3sh bardo en lazem ye7sal tashweesh fi nos 3ala el moga el mazboota :) le asbab keteer. el shatara ba2a en fi wa2t el tashweesh ne3raf newsal le ba3d. ne3raf nel2ot el moga tany.

walahy ana mohatma bel posts di mesh 3ashan a3raf men wants eh ad mana ba7awel to read between the lines and see what turn men off :) fa yariet ya mohaly te2ool eh heya el some stuff elly betn2a7 3ala karamet el men we mesh bey7ebo el women to outsmart them in :) 3'ashesheny mesh zay el challenge keda