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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

420) To Email or Not to Email !

I sent an email to Hillary Clinton and got the reply on the same day (tab3an she doesn't do it herself). I will not ask if I sent an email to a minister or a senator here, will I get a reply aslan coz I don't know asasan if there is any email to send to!!!



Shimaa Gamal said...

walahy my grandpa kan lessa beys2alny el so2al dah yesterday :)
2olteloh enoh el moftarad en el site beta3 el 7okoma el taktaromy fih el contacts beta3et el 7okoma el maserya, wozra we mo7afzeen and even reyaset el gomhoreya leeha email.
I am not sure ba2a hayrodo wala mesh hayrodo. Which is the case ma3 el regular mail. ya3ny lw ba3at ay 7aga lel PM masalan eh yedmanlak en fi 7ad hay2raha we 7ad hayrod 3aliek. yemken tedman el rad lama tekoon kateb tahdeed saree7 bel 2atl :) sa3eteha haygebook we lw kont fi batn el zeer and sure hayrodo 3aliek :)

Mohaly said...


Mona said...

Maybe the egyptian system was intended to run this way because the mayor and senator offices would love to talk to each of the public in person to make sure that they fully understand their concerns in order to address these concerns in best way they can.

Give them a call to schedule a time slot. We will be praying for you.