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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

417) Reaction El Shabab fe Modet El Hijab!!

P.S> Click on the picture to see it enlarged.

This is how they see different kinds of Hijabs in Syria. If they came to Egypt, they would have added much more categories of the Hijab (Spanish we Italian we French, we 7ata Borkina Fasso)!
I am wondering if El Hijab ba2a moda! maba2ash 7ad 3aref heya el bent el 2odamo de mo7agaba wala la2 aslan men el eli banat ba2et telbes, we 3agabi!!


omar said...

seketo leih ya bananat
3ashan el marra di el kalam 3aleeko
we beyewga3
el 7agab ya sa7 ya ghalat mafeesh 7olol wasat :(

Mona said...

I have one comment to make on this picture.

On the bottom left corner, I actually did not understand why a healthy young woman would use a maid to carry her stuff.

Geeee said...

Mona ra7et fe 7eta tany .. Anyway. Many girls don't understand the right meaning for hijab (Veil).

It's not about hiding all of yours, instead you can show your hands and your face to people (Don't be like the Ninja one :D ... bs gamda sara7a) and don't be mota2aleka awy.

Being in the middle is great and you have to be completely convinced for being veiled. If not, please don't.

Ya3ny el mowdo3 mesh moda aw hodom aw 7aga el mowdoo3 baseet geddan, elbesy bera7tek bs mesh 7aga mostafeza aw 7aga mothera, just be simple and trust me you gonna be fabulous ;)

enama enta ya mohaly malak we mal el kalam dah :D enta we2e3t fe 7ad wala eh :D

شهد الكلمات said...

اية يا استاذ عمر
نون النسوة موجودة و بترد
مش معني ان في بعض البنات مش بتحترم الحجاب معني كدة ان كل البنات كدةلا
في بنات بتحترم حجابها و مش متزمتات ولا منقبات

Anonymous said...

First al all, we really do not have to answer, as our wearing a veil (or not) is smoething between us and God. We don't do it for humans and therefore we don't need to reply. Moreover, maybe the ones who wear el hajab as portrait in the picture don't actually read ur blog. Finally, I don't think it is open minded to pass judgment on others. Most of you have posted reflection on people u have seen in passing. It is difficult to develop an objective point of view without any info. Faith is a very personal issue, it is totally between the person and the lord. I believe that no human being has the right to comment on someone else's religious acts. If you believe that we don't understand the true meaning of hijab, maybe it would be more helpful to explain it to us, instead of judging us.

Geeee said...

Belra7a bs ya Anonymous :) of course the religion is between you and Allah Sob7ano wa ta3ala. The point is many girls out there don't read about it and just think of it as a cover for the head only (and this is the same picture foreigners got when they ask about veil).

Anyway, if you want more information about Veil, you can check this URL, it's in Arabic btw:

omar said...

to Anonymous:

I guess you mean me, because the guys who talked here were mohaly and gee.

Mohaly didnt judge anyone, he just wondered of Hijab being moda and many of them are sating the others are not wearing it right, so he is like you want to know what is the right thing,

for Gee, he said you girls are free but when you wear it, wear it for the right reason and not as moda.

so you mean me who asked the girls to answer mohaly in telling him and us why do we see such different kinds and what is right, sepcially that the frequent commenters who are mohajabat like shaimaa and only love didnt comment. I am not judging anyone, we please balash el tone da coz we are not here to comment, just wanna know!

Shimaa Gamal said...

delwa2ty bas 3ereft what having a life means, it means eny I am the 8th to comment :(
El 7egab as an issue lazem netefe2 3ala 7aga. el 7egab fard, ya3ny yantabek 3alih "wa qallo same3na wa ata3na" mesh waqalo same3na we maktan3nash. fa lw el 7egab salemna enoh fard fa ma3na keda en 3adam el 7egab isn't an option.
(ana mesh ba2ool enoh fard wala la2 la7san hadkhol keda fi neqash sofsta2y la yantahy, dah befard enoh fard)
fa lama yekoon 3adam el 7egab isn't an option fa kol wa7da betaba2 el fard dah taba3an le magmo3et e7teyagat shakhseya. zay eh? zay masalan el sala, fi nas betsaly be kesar el sewar, we nas betawel. fi nas betkhtaf el sala khatf, we nas betdeeha 7a2aha, el etnien 3amalo el fard, elly ye7kom eh ma2bool we eh mesh ma2bool el motale3 3ala el nawaya wel khafaya.
ana mo7agaba, we mesh shayfa en lama el 7egab yekoon moda 3'alat, lieh? 3ashan lama el 7egab fih moda. ma3na keda eny wana mo7agaba ha3raf akoon labsa zay ma el zaman beta3y beylbes, ha3raf akoon 3aroosa mo7agaba mn 3'ier ma yeb2a shakly labes kafan, ha3raf ab2a shakly 7elw fi el wa2t elly ba3mel fih el fard. we mafeesh woman fi el donia mesh 3ayza yekoon shaklaha 7elw.
Personally, ana balbes mn el 3abaya lel spanish (aka rabtet el khadama) 3ashan zay keda ma le kol makamen makal, le kol makamen rabtet tar7a. Mainly depending on the mood. we mesh shayfa en fiha 7aga 3'alat. (the rule is, ma la yasef wala yashef)
The thing is, I noticed en fi nas keteer betakhod el 7egab as a representitive of the girl's attitude. ya3ny aslaha mo7agaba fa el mafrood enaha mat3melsh kaza wa kaza wa kaza. which isn't true. ya3ny maho 3ashan el nas betsoom maslan ma3na keda enohom mesh bey3emlo 7aga tanya 3'alat? la2. hazi nakra wa hazi nakra. wel mo7agba isn't a nun. mesh shakhs zahed fi el donia maslan, wala el donia gowaha ma2toola, la2 el donia bet3'weeha zay ay shakhs tany. fa el mo7agaba momken te3mel el 7agat elly momken tekoon ma2boola mn 3'ier el mo7agaba, we mesh ma3na enaha et7agebt en keda bekh khalas ba2t raheba. zay keda mesh ma3na en fi shakhs beysaly enoh mesh bey3mel zenoob.
the rule is "la tazer wazera wezr okhra".
kol wa7ed yelbes elly 3ala mazagoh :) elly 3ayza te2la3 te2la3 welly 3ayza telbes telbes. welly betd7ak 3ala nafsaha mesh hatd7ak 3ala rabena.
My rule is "mesh 3'alat enena ne3mel el 7aram, laken el 3'alt enena ne7alel el 7aram we ne3meloh, 3ashan keda 7ata el toba mesh hantobha"

Yasmine said...

3omr ma kan el lebs 3alama aw daleel 3an el shakhs da kwayes wala we7esh, wa2ela makansh 7ad gholob.

our problem as a society is that we judge everything at face value. di mo7agaba, teb2a mo7tarama. di beteshrab sagayer, teb2a mesh mo7tarama. tab law mo7agaba we beteshrab sagayer, teb2a eeeh??

benrakez fel 2eshra, we benesa el asas.

the majority now chooses to play along, and show their surroundings the "label" they want to see, to avoid the headache.

mashi, haghati sha3ri, we halbes be kom, 3ashan el nas mat2olsh 3alaya mesh mo7tarama...
7ata law labsa kol alwan el teif, we lebsaha daya2, we 3amla 3eed melad fe weshaha, we 7ata perfume gayeb akher el share3.
el mohem enaha mo7agaba. 3ashan el nas mat2olsh 3aleha mesh mo7tarama.

kol wa7ed yekhalih fe nafso ba2a!
kol wa7ed feena feeh 3oyoub metaltela, nerakez fe nafsena wen7awel ne7asen men nafsena, badal ma7na 3amaleen no7kom 3al nas (ghalat) bedoun ayy asas.

Mohaly said...

Yasmine...well said

Geeee said...

3agbak kda ya mohaly :D ahy el nas we23et fe ba3d .. ekteb ya 3am ay 7aga tanya 7'ally el post ye3ady :D

7'alas ya gama3a 3andy el mowdoo3 dah ana elly hat7ageb we hashrab 3aseer ba2dones kaman fol ya3ny .. ehdo bs showia :D heheh 3ala fekra ento lazem tego hurghada :D

Sunshine said...

I really dont understand howa fe eh???? you are the third MAN ya DR. commentin on hijab in one week!! leh ana msh fahma!! is the veiled girl your issue now??!! what about the unveiled who doesnt even recognize en fe fardd esmo hijab?? balash.. what about those who wear very revealing w mostafez w mokazez clothes kaman??!howa 3ashan nemshy f marina lazem ne2la3 3ashan da 3ady w ba2et ely msh 2al3a(I wont say the veiled, I mean the unveiled kaman bs mo7tarama) is the one that looks odd!!!..ma3lesh?marina is a beach w kda? mashy..tayeb fe ay cafe feeki ya masr, betelbeso kda leeeeeehhh ya banat, bgad nefsy afham?what about Ramadan??nemsek nafsena shwaya ma3lesh its ONE HOLY MONTH THAT WE MIGHT NOT CATCH THE COMIN YEAR!!la2 ya 7aram msh 2adreen !!!..does anyone REMEMBER that old word "7AYA2"..LOOOLLL
please respectful men, make some comments on the unveiled as well
p.s I am against the "sexy type" n I wont categorize it as hijab; not everything that covers the hair is called hijab..its just clothes!

Mohaly said...

berla7a ya Sunshine...

if there are posts about hijab, you will find many about anti hijab and 3ori (chek miss egypt).

I am -and saying it again and again- AGAINST playing with Hijab, and I see what this generation has done to Hijab is worse that ever.

Hijab is something between each muslim woman and God, but when she claims that she is mohagaba and then wears and acts like "sexy type" that you don't like, then there is a problem, this is nefaq with all my respect.

Anyway ana zehe2t men el mawdou3 dah bardo. Walahi eli 3ayza te3mel 7aga te3melha even if she wanna kill herself.

Diana said...

My comment is directed for the veiled and the unveiled ,I think that all those different looks of Hijab is just a microcosm of the state of chaos, loss of identity, loss of role model & real leader that our community suffer from. We suffer from many contradictions that lead to more contradicting behaviors.
People now are extremely critical, to judge others by appearances is the norm.So as Yasmine said the majority now chooses to play along. We el 7a2i2a eno kolo beyl3ab 3ala kolo 3ashan yemasho 2omrhom.Actually I can not blame the veiled only, most of the girls in Egypt follow fashion blindly. You can find those looks on unveiled girls and they do not suit them at allll. Whether this fashion is Hijab aw msh Hijab, layers wala msh layers.I pity us for our twisted mind.