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Monday, June 16, 2008

424) Arba3a Etneen Arba3a!

424, isn't that a tactic of playing soccer where 4 in defense, 2 middle-field and 4 offense/strikers? There is even a movie named arba3a etneen arba3a!

Talking about soccer, did any one see what happened in Malawy... they have beaten us in the last SECOND of the last minute of the game. We were almost that close to be sure to go to the world cup. Now we have to enter our favorite game of Praying instead of Playing!



omar said...

ahhh ya mohaly, da 2ana mestghaz moot men el goal el ahbal
but we are to be blamed as if we scored through the match we wouldnt have lost
mesh mesada2 en e7na momken maneb2ash awel magmou3a feeha geeboty we malawy!

omar said...

ah praying instead of playing gamda :)

kochia said...

تصدق فعلا دي قصة حياتنا
ندعي بدل ما نشتغل
يعني قد كدة فاكرين اننا قريبين من ربنا مثلا عشان اللي بندعي بيه يتحقق فورا
بدون ما نعمل له
حاجة زيها زي حاجات كتير اوي في بلدنا
بس عارف
انا هدعي برده مع اللي هيدعوا!!!!!!0


Mona said...

Unfortunately, I have not seen the game, so I cannot really tell if the outcome was a result of technique or just a pure luck.

While prayer certainly helps, it is not the whole deal.

On the long term, TPDRF (Technique, Persistence, Determination, Resilience, and Faith) does go a long way.