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Thursday, June 19, 2008

426) Simple Questions for Girls & Guys!

1. For Girls: When would you say yes if someone proposed?
2. For Guys: If a girl loves you, should she propose?



Nag said...

when i luv him enough to know i will be able to compromise on all his known shortcomings, and handle the unknown ones that are revealed by time AND when i know he loves me enough to do the same..

when we have the same vision for the future and can at least find some common grounds on how to get there..

When i know that we will be comfortable in our silences..

when I know that when we're together, he is man enough to talk it out, and I am woman enough to let it pass.. (against our biological nature)

when I know that as appealing as first dates, falling in love, and the butterflies in stomach feelings are, yet I am willing to give it all up for a chance of settling with him :)

When i know that he sees me beautiful in a ponytail and a plain tshirt.. and I smile inside each time I see him.

When we can have long talks like best friends..

kochia said...

انا هقول نعم للشخص اللي احبه واعرف انه بيحترمني كعقل وكانسان ثم كامراة
والحب مش بالمعني الرومانسي لكن الحب انك تبقي عارف هو بيفكر في ايه .. ومحتاج ايه وتقدر تعطيه له وتبقي سعيد وانت قادر علي العطاء ده والعكس صحيح
ووجودي في حياته ووجوده في حياته يكون ذا معني
يعني الشخص القادر علي ملا فراغ عقلي كما يملا فراغ قلبي
طبعا ده تفاصيل كتير وفيه اكثر
لكن اعتقد ربما الانسان بيبان عليه روحه الحقيقة بعد موقفين او تلاتة

موضوع مميز

Shimaa Gamal said...

I will say yes when it feels safe thinking of forever without being intimidated by the scary odds. When I know that fights aren’t always a dead end, when I go to sleep while I am sure that tomorrow will always be a new day, and when a new day means a new chance to fall in love yet again. I will say yes only when “No” isn’t an option.
I will say yes when I know that his hands are the old hands that will keep catching my falls till death do us part.

Geeee said...

ana ha2ool 7asbya allah wa ne3ma el wakeel .. ne7eb mesh nafe3 .. man7ebesh bardo mesh 3ageb .. nero7 hardee's mesh radyeen .. no3od fe meshmesha mesh 3agbeen .. kda keteer ba2a. If she loves me, c'mon say it we 7'alasena ... fe masal by2olak 7'od elly bet7ebak we mata7'odsh elly bet7ebaha. enta eh ra2yak fel masal dah?