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Sunday, June 1, 2008

415) I love June!!

I don't know why, but I always loved the month of June!
7ad 3ando explanation why may we love a month without knowing why do we love it, why aslan we should love or hate months?!



omar said...

coz it used to be the start of vacation lama kan feh vacation

Yasmine said...

you have to love it, it's my birthday month! ;P

Mona said...

Just a speculation:

The Summer Solstice happens in June (usually June 21st), the day with the greatest number of daylight hours.

In Ancient Egypt, summer solstice was the most important day of the year. It was considered the beginning of the new year.

The sun was at its highest and the Nile River was beginning to rise, continues to do so for a hundred days, and then falls again at the end of that period, so that it remains low throughout the winter until the summer solstice comes round again in the following year.

Summer Solstice coincided with the flooding season when the soil would be fertilized and water would quench the arid Nile Valley.

Maybe that's why Egypt loves the month of June.

only love said...

when i love any month , I love it for two reasons:
1) has a very special event for me.
2) it reminds me with a very special memory with a special person or a nice situation.
so every time this month comes, I feel happy.
and by the way it's not only months, it happens with me also with days i love thursday v. much coz when i was in the school i used to play in this day with my friends. and since then i consider this day as my fav. day.

nourita said...


I agree with Omar, the start of vacation, summer , beach and sun
tanning session....heedlessness

Besides my birthady is in june :)

H.A.W. said...

you love a special event or a special moment you once lived in the month of june. it is connected in your memory with it.when it comes, you remmeber tha joy of this memory, and love the month :)))
used to love september because its back to school- where i would meet my godfather-teacher again after long vacation.
also he is born in september.
and i still love september after all those years for the same reason and the same person.

strange human nature. right?

noha alii said...

I love January :D