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Saturday, May 31, 2008

414) Yes & No!

In post 398, I asked you to satrt saying no but I didnt mean to say it alone coz No without yes is war as Willian Ury Said.

Yes builds communities....No builds identities
Yes connects ... No protects
Yes for peace ... No for justice

We need the Yes as much as we need the No. It is all about using the right time and place for saying yes or no! So never say yes when you mean no!


Mona said...

"Yes for Peace ... No for Justice"

I am not sure I get what you mean, but I guess it depends on how you define justice.

I would say
"Yes to Peace... Yes to Restortive Justice"

Restorative justice engage those who are harmed, wrongdoers and their affected communities in search of solutions that promote repair, reconciliation and the rebuilding of relationships.

Restorative justice seeks to build partnerships to re-establish mutual responsibility for constructive responses to wrongdoing within communities.

Restorative approaches seek a balanced approach to the needs of the victim, wrongdoer and community through processes that preserve the safety and dignity of all.

Mohaly said...

When you say No, you defend the justice, but when you always say yes means that you will do what they want whether you like it or not, whether it is just or not.

Mona said...

aha. I see what you mean now.

By the way, I met this guy Bill Ury once. He is a really cool guy.

Mona said...

On another thread, there is a book out there titled- Getting to Maybe: How the World Is Changed.

I have not read the book myself but it is on my "To Read" list.