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Sunday, May 11, 2008

399) What Men Want - Episode 1 !

Based on the audience request in post 397, I am starting the What Men Want series, we rabena yostor!

I can save time and say Men want everything in one woman, and I will not be lying. But for the sake of discussion and analysis let's take it one "want" at a post.
  • So the most common "want" is that Men are seeking a woman who is attractive to them, some are seeking "Cute", some seeking "Beautiful", other seeking "Mozzah".
  • Women may argue that men can be so shallow and that looks could matter so much but......
  • Men aren't necessarily looking for a model and believe it or not most of men men don't like women who weigh 50 kgs.
  • But men do want a woman who takes pride in their appearance...though not excessively.
  • Men are proud of having a wife / girlfriend who looks good and don't believe any man who says otherwise.

P.S1: I am not talking about my "wants", I am talking about what men wants all together.
P.S2: I am a man ;)


Shimaa Gamal said...

mal3ooba el p.s2 ;)

Amr Ahmed said...

u know nizar qabani said aword iam beliving in it

اريدها انثي

that's my blog name

and thats what i want

iam searching for onthaaaaaaa

only love said...

as you said mohaly u men want to have all in one.as we also do. when i started to set the traits i'm seeking in the person i want to share my life with. i said i want him to b smart,religious,kind,handsome,generous.....etc i found my self seeking an angel not a human. no body is perfect. so i started to think what is the trait i can give up on it and accept this person without it. i found myself not ready to give up on any one.and even if that person isn't like what i need i started giving myself excuses to love him. so at last i knew that as long as i didn't find this person yet i'mnot gonna say i want him so and so. coz i knew very well that this will be totally changed and i will accept him as he is coz i loved him.
so my question to you now and everyone also every one of us need everything in the one we will love but what is the thing that u love but u can give up on it?

P.S1: not most of the men don't like women that weights betwen 50 and 60 kg.

P.S2: I'm a woman also ;)

Tamer Mokhtar said...

- Bravo topic ya mohaly!
- we gameed mawdoo3 el PS-at da!
- we i agree with u ya Amr "bass i'll add sarokh not onsa only"
- Ya only love kalamek asar feya 3alashan e7na nafs el wazen "aiwa ba3akes"

شهد الكلمات said...

يعني الجمال ده بيكون نسبي حتي في الولاد في ناس بتحب شكل احمد عز مثلا و انا مابحبش شكله رغم انه وسيم
و في ناس بتحب شكل نرمين الفقي و هي عليها دم يلطش يبقى تغور بجمالها

و عموما هي اذواق و من الاخر الجمال جمال الروح بكرة يروح الجمال و يفضل لك مسخ دميم من بره و من جوه

ثم هو لية دايما السوءال انت عايزها شكلها اية هي جزمة!!!!!!!:( ماينفعش كدة

Tamer Mokhtar said...

She2 lezom el she2 :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

Titi, betbherny :)"shie2 lezoom el shie2" walahy mal3ooba aktar mn mohaly's p.s. ;)

Only Love, we will usually fall for those who share the most of what we want. Perfection here is yet again a relative term. We expect the ONE to have a list of things, a perfect person is the one who fits 100% of that list mesh ma3na keda enena mesh momken ne7eb 7ad who is only 80% fit, or even 50%. bas I believe enoh sa3b to fall in love with someone who isn't related to that list. elly beykhaleena netshad le shakhs aslan enoh fih sefa 3agbana, or sefat 3agbana. darget el engzab bet3atamed asasan 3ala tarteeb awlaweyatna. even lw 7asiena fi la7za en we can make things work, things will eventually fail lw el shakhs maloosh 3elaka belly e7na 3ayzenoh unless en elly e7na 3ayzenoh et3'ayar :) and as someone I know used to tell her old love "3ayza 7agat keteer, kolaha tatalakhs fi shakhs wa7ed, enta"

Amr, yariet te2ool eh ta3reefak lel ontha?

shahd el kalemat, looks does matter. bel nesba lel regala wel setat wel mas2ala azwa2. le2n el shakhs dah hay3eesh ma3aky tool el 3omr, fa lazem tekoony shayfah gameel. wel gamal 3ala fekra nesby gidan gidan gidan :) welly beyshoof el gamal mesh el 3ien, el 2alb, kama qal el akh lotfy boshnaq khodo 3ieny shofooh beeha :) mahy ya3ny 3ienoh mesh 3eyoon zarka2 el yamama :) his eyes are seeing through his soul 3ashan keda this someone looked beautiful and different.

Mohaly :) the 50 kgs thing should be related to the height ;) maynfa3sh fi el motlak :) maho a man will always love someone who is 50 kgs if she happens to wear those 50 kgs in all the right places :) bas el tool beyfre2 bardo.
It is not the weight that matters, equal distribution is the key word ;)

Tamer Mokhtar said...

aiwa ya shosho ya motamaken :)
matego to expand on facebook :)
my account tamermokhtar_@hotmail.com

Mohaly said...

yahar abyad, kol da kalam 3ala episode one!!! Dana shaklee ha3mel ketab ba3d el episodes matekhlas!!

amr, beney we benak, howa fee ahsan men enaha teb2a 2ontha?! :)

only love, i really wish you good luck

Shaimaa, I was talking about the models body (refer to the post) so 50kgs for a 175 or 180cms model.

ok titi (ya mobawzlee el blog auidence :)), I will link it in facebook as well.

only love said...

shimaa :
i totally agree with you ya gamel bas sebek enty gamda gedan el comments bta3tek dy ;)

mohaly :
thanks ya sadeky :) enma eh 7ekayet enha teb2a a7sn mn ontha ;)

ta3ala ba2a enta ely gebto ly nafsak. ana aked aked ha2bal el mo3aksa dy :D wy 3la fekra ana ely ye3aksny yekteb ketabo 3laya 3la tol :D lazem tesal7 ghaltetak.
bas 3aref ana motara a3fo 3anak 3shan ana msh 3yza akhod wa7ed nafs wazny :D
shof lek wazn tany te3akso ya 3am ;)

Anonymous said...

el tama3 byqel ma gama3. u keep on saying 3ayezha we 3ayzah and once el naseeb beyegy, u dont get except is written for u, sometimes it is the least. isnt merayet el hob 3amyah? sometimes you even get what u didnt think of one day. we r all seeking perfection and we all forget that nothing is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of Tall , Dark and Handsmone :)) we women also have needs :)) To what extent do you think we get that ??

شهد الكلمات said...

انا معاكي يا شيماء في كل كلمة قولتيها و كلامك بيكمل كلامي مش بيناقضه