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Thursday, May 29, 2008

413) What Men Want - Episode 7 !

After the battle of the sexes in the last episode, I was thinking of not tackling another debatable issue in men "wants" but when I thought about it I found out the hardest part is over :)

This episode is about "Challenge" and again a nice coincidence to write about while I am now in Alexandria that is known for its challenging women ;)

Men love a challenging woman, someone who keeps them on their toes. This is because men are generally lazy in relationships once they feel they're in secure territory or in other words, has taken the woman for granted. When a man is challenged so he does something about it.
If you want to keep your man interested, keep him challenged but don't push it hard coz it may cause the same negative effect of chasing him all the time and killing his freedom. Don't give him everything at once, gradual and make sure that you are getting something in return (doesn't have to be one-by-one but at least don't just give and give without taking).
So Challenge him but don't ever Neglect him.

(from Alexandria)
P.S. Sorry for the blog male readers for revealing one of our secrets ;)


Shimaa Gamal said...

3arosty :)
ezzay ba2a el challenge dah? momken example?

Tamer Mokhtar said...

Nice post, and you know what i’m still convinced that gas and car example it’s applicable here as well!
And this should help to explain enough to Shaimaa 

i.e female should start showing him the 80’s first :D then upgrade till the 98, so the engine can easily figure the upgrade and function .

and don't forget [ SHAKE IT WELL BEFORE USE]

Mona said...

The Challenge between men and women!

This is my favorate one because I always wondered if men wanted to be challenged mentally or emotionally or physically. My experience from living in Egypt is that egyptian men would not like to lose to a woman physically. Men always lose to women mentally because women dwell on things and it is hard for them to let go and move on.

So maybe you meant that men like to be challenged emotionally!

Just a thought!

Geeee said...

well, it's not a secret ya mohaly, actually this is the point where each partner likes by the way.

You see, girls always like to be chased, flirted, followed .. etc because it's a lovely feeling when you found yourself attracting someone else.

Actually, from my experience, I can tell that girls like to be chased rather than showing their feelings to the other partner; and let me tell you that most of us (Guys) change a little when a girl say I like you, you feel somehow down or maybe not interested anymore. The solution is (7'aleek te2eel .. eblef el bet te7ebak .. e7la2 lel bet .. te7la2lak bardo :D)

I'm still searching in this point specifically and I'll tell you if I found something in Google :D

7esabak ma3aya lama terga3 hurghada, 3ala el fadaya7 elly enta 3amelha de :D ya beta3 el souna el rosy enta ;P

only love said...

hi all :)
how r u doin'? really this is a nice post ya mohaly.wy bte7sal fe3lan a2wy m3a el egyptian guys I don't know whether all the guys from the arab region do the same or not. but by the way not all of the men do the same ya3ny from my experiance with u egyptians if the girl just thought to reveal to this person that she likes him, even if he was thinking of her or even loving her he turns to another person. i don't know why.

but the italian, french and spainish guys when i knew them they are totally different, to reveal for him about ur feelings whether gradually or not he loves u v. much. may be they are ( barden showayaaaaa aw te2daro te2olo kter) bas aho mashy halhom bardo.

and i agree with u geeee that we the girls like to feel that someone is chasing and flirting us :)
anyway nice post ya mohaly and keep it up ;) adena bnshof bardo ento akherko eh m3ana :)

Mohaly said...

Shaimaa --> la2 tab3an, u have to do the work and think of the example ;)

Mona ---> Emotionally on the top tab3an

Tamer & Gee ---> No comment ;)

Only Love ---> I personally would be more like the Italian guiys, actually I feel bad if she doesnt tell me I love u. But this series is not about me bas, it is about Egyptian/Arab Men in general.