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Monday, May 12, 2008

401) Human Cars!

Sent by Blog Reader: Dina Youssef, Thanks Dina :)

After the dramatic increase in Gasoline prices, this can be a solution; and healthy one indeed (but may create another problem coz people will need more food! we fee azmet 3esh!)



Embee said...

We so should use bikes. Weather & terrain call for bikes big-time. Excluding heading to mo7afzat 7elwan & 6 october of course..

Maybe then I'd be able to use mine and not worry about people on the street..

Amr Ahmed said...


gamed geddaaaaaaaaaaan

bas arahnk ya mohaly en el shoes hay3'la

3alshan haybooz bsor3a

Just a Reader said...

ya3ni law el-wahid mathalan shoghloh fi nasr city and lives in maadi, el masafah hatakhod ad eih? el wa7id yesali el 3esha weyatawakal 3ala allah. but the good pt is that there wont be any accidents and we can use bikes instead.