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Thursday, May 15, 2008

404) What Men Want - Episode 3!

The third want is "Trust"

Many men are not sincere, but some women are not trustworthy or faithful, and this kind of girls are increasing everyday. Men are looking for a trustworthy girl, someone they can have faith in and someone who will be there for them.

Some flirting can be accepted from a man, but when a woman flirts with another man, it really gives a hell of different meaning no matter what we say about equality between genders. It is like that here, in the East, and the West as well.

A man can never forgive a woman being unfaithful and so he is looking for someone who he really does trust.



omar said...

I remember once a colleague of mine saying that she really want her husband to be unique so that she doesnt "have to" betray him! Rabena ma3ah, we ma3aha

Shimaa Gamal said...

Actually women are not natural cheaters. At least most of women are. It is related to the nesting attitude of a female.
I guess flirting is important for both males and females, ya3ny up to a limit. 3ashan this is how we know en e7na lessa negeeb :)
bas women don't flirt while they are committed 3ashan simply as far en fi 7ad fi 7ayat-hom beyb2o mash3'oleen beeh, bas dah maymna3sh en 7ad ye2olaha kelma 7elwa fa tedeloh ebtesama sa7era :) not because she is cheating wala le2naha is considering el kalam el 7elw beta3 el akh, but mn bab being nice.
bas in general mawdoo3 el trust dah beybtedy mn gowa el wa7ed. ya3ny lazem el wa7ed yekoon wasek fi nafsoh wenoh maly 3ienha, fa lw la2aha betabtasem lewa7ed tany hay3raf en akeed there is a good reason to do we malhash 3elaka khales be2naha betkhonoh. fi regala keteer ma3ndhash theka fi nafsaha, we 3ashan keda mesh bey3rafo yaseko fi ay shakhs. we fi regala mn kotr ma shafet mesh bet3raf tasek. bas el moshekla 3ama. mafeesh trust. el setat 3amalan bel mathal ya me2amna lel regal, we nazryet diel el kalb. we el regala le2nhom 3arfeen en elly me2amen lel 7areem me2amen le me3za fi 3'iet barseem :)

Yasmine said...

I agree with shimaa, and i'll add my 2 cents.

If anyone has to worry about trust and betrayal issues, it's women, not men!

i've seen an endless number of guys cheat on their gfs, fiancees, wives, simply because they think they can, or that it's ok.

some women cheat too, but the scale definitely tips HEAVILY on men's side.

i dont care what anyone says, cheating hurts both ways, whether it's a man or a woman committing the crime (yes, crime), it's wrong, painful and very hard to forgive.

but, i've seen men forgive their cheating wives, and women rejecting their cheating husbands.
it all depends on whether you, as a person, can move past that.

i know i can't :)

شهد الكلمات said...

يا سلام يا سلام يا سلام انا مع شيماء حبيبتي و ياسمين كمان
و احب اكمل مثل شيماء
يا مئامن للحريم يا مئامن للمعزة في البرسيم
يا مئامنة للرجال يا مئامنة للقرد في السنغال ......و عجبي