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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

407) Egypt News - Al Ahram E-News 2108!!

I was looking over the internet yesterday and found out an 100 years old article from the Al-Ahram E-news Daily. It tells you something about Egypt at these good old days:

18-5-2108, New Cairo:

- Mr. Haytham Waleed, Egyptian Vice-President, has paid a visit to the new industrial zone outside the giant city of Hurghada. The new industrial zone is the first completely-pollutant free in the Middle-East and expected to be the leading zone specially after the decision of many multinational factories to move their operations to Egypt instead of Dubai because of the low taxes and great commercial environment.
- Mrs. Christine Ramsis, the Egyptian Prime Minister, has represented Egypt in the 120th international human rights conference. It is well known that Egypt is one of the top human rights countries in the globe, and being represented by the prime minister is a strong proof of it.
- President Mubarak has asked the prime minister to present a plan of introducing the governorates of Heliopolis, Haram, and Imbabam raising the number of Great Cairo Governorates into 13 governorate: Cairo, Giza, Helwan, Shubra, Qalubiya, 6th October, New Cairo, Fustat, Maadi, Nile, and the new Heliopolis, Haram, & Imbaba.

- Egypt and Germany in a charity match; World Cup 2106 winner (Germany), and Ex-winner 2102 (Egypt), are playing next week for charity. Money will go for rebuilding and compensation of the affected cities by global warming in north Egypt.
- Egypt is almost finished with all the buildings needed for the 2108 Olympics in Marina City.

- Egyptian academy awards celebrates its 50th Anniversary and tributes the anniversary to Ahmed Zaky Haitham Ahmed Zaky.
- The 65th home theatre Festival started yesterday in the new Under-Nile Opera House.
- The legendary Sabah will be signing "Dalou3a -2ana" tonight live from the preservation room in Dar El Fouad.
- The Egyptian Actors Syndicate decides to stop 2 of the porno-section stars & members because they are shooting documentary films about the deterioration of the street hookers in Egypt.

- After long waiting, the 1st wedding in Egypt since 2 years was celebrated yesterday. This may be an indication of people turning back into marriage after experiencing different lifestyles!
- Egyptian Ex. First lady Dija Mubarak (125 years), and grandmother of the current President Mohamed Hosni Gamal Mubarak has died yesterday after long and successful life.
- The Ministry of Blogging is throwing a party tomorrow @8pm in the old Heliopolis City. You are all invited!

Have a nice day :)
Mohaly VII
Siwa Governorate


Shimaa Gamal said...

hmmm, walahy howa fi 7agat moshage3a.
- Christine Ramsis as a prime minister.
- Egypt a winner of world cup.
- Egyptians living without marraige and the world kept going on :)

bas masr hatfdal masr :)

شهد الكلمات said...

ايوة يا شوشو مصر هاتفضل مصر
مصر هاتفضل غالية علينا و لف و ارجع تاني