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Sunday, May 25, 2008

410) Sharm vs. Hurghada!

I used to go to sharm el shiekh once or twice for fun from mid-90s to 2005 then shifted to hurghada when i started having business there. i have always prefered sharm over hurghada..
I have been in sharm for couple of days in business now, and for the 1st time, i start feeling that i feel more comfortable in hurghada!!

Does this have to do with age, or because i have lots of friends in hurghada, or coz sharm became toooo commercial!!

(from Sharm)


Yasmine said...

First time i went to sharm was in 1987. Sharm had only a few hotels, a big empty beach, and a little asphalt strip along the beach for people to walk on.

with time, it evolved, to reach its peak in the 1990s, when it was more developed, yet still maintained its special vibe.

Sharm el sheikh now is ruined, lel asaf.
it expanded immensely, has become very commercial, and in a very haphazard, tasteless way.
Neama Bay now looks like el ma3moura, with all the small cafes with lots of lights, very loud music, and waiters who harass you to go in. some even have belly dancers! the fat ones with kersh!
right next to them are the characterless little buddha, hard rock cafe, pacha - so not representative of our culture, or our way of life.
then the 'out-of-the-box' additions we see everywhere; mcdonalds, baskin robbins, starbucks, costa, cilantro...
making the place lose its individuality even more.

personally, i dont like sharm anymore, i'd rather go to dahab or nuweiba.
if i go, it's only for the diving, as it's still one of the best diving spots in the world.
but with the way things are going, it wont remain for long.

aaah yana yamma!!

Geeee said...

tab3an tab3an 3alashan e7na feha ya mohaly :D hehehehe

I agree with yasmine by the way, rabena youstor we hurghada mateb2ash zai sharm :S