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Monday, November 24, 2008

499) Egyptains & Food !

Last week, the Egyptian government released a study stating that Egyptians -on average- are spending 45% of their monthly income on food. 

I was just wondering: Is such a high percentage of expenditure because Egyptians eat too much? or because the income is too low that almost half of it is spent on people's most basic need, Food?!



Mai Fouad said...

I think it is because the income is too low and the food prices increase every day, yes it is 45% in average but I think for some maybe it is 80% of their income

I don't think Egyptians eat too much some of us have no extra money to spend on food and others like to be thin pretty and handsome

plus el2a7'bar kol yomen 3an mobedat wa asmeda mosartena 7aga tesed elnefs aslan ba2a akl manzo3 elbaraka

Frustrated said...

I think both!! yes the income is very low so that people spend almost half of it just to keep themselves alife!!
But still also the fact that most of the Egyptians eat a lot all of the time. Regardless the financial status of the person or his / her social class, food is almost always a common factor in all events!!

Mona said...

Even though the food on that silver tray look so Yummy, I think it would of been nice if this family would have had considered other healthier food options instead of all these fried stuff. What happened to the tomato,cucumber, lattice, green beans and feta cheese by the way?

I kinda liked the portrait on the wall of the living room.

Shimaa Gamal said...

I waited to see how the blog readers would interpret the results of that study.
I did a research on poverty in Egypt a couple of years ago and the figures were shocking. And I guess this percentage (the average spending on food) along other figures are proofs that Egyptians on average aren’t really living their best days. (Actually Egyptians on average never had best days but this is another story)
And even the common notion about the Egyptians relating everything to food could be a sign that Egyptians try to find chances to eat good or "yewasa3o 3ala nafsohom" so that they can eat meat or "zafar" as they say in the movies.
Mona made a note about the quality of food, and noted that they are eating lots of fried food. Which is true, and actually lost of Egyptians are relying on the not so healthy options because it is a granted source of needed energy. Fresh Tomatoes and cucumbers are sources of vitamins and that's why they go beside the fried food but they are not a source of energy. The actual source of energy will be some deep fried ta3meya, lots of bread and followed by a cup of really sweet tea. Such a meal would grant energy for a long day at work. We are speaking about physical jobs. As the illiteracy figures are as shocking as the poverty figures.
I believe that in most cases the relation between the food expenditures and the increase in income is inversely proportional. The more income the person gets the less he spends on food. Given that the person eats to satisfy his basic needs and even if not the increase would be directly proportional up to a point then it will reverse. Something related to marginal utility.

Mohaly said...

Shaimaa: That is a well-said comment, and you are right on average it is hard to remember when did Egyptians really "had their days".

Mona: Do you always have this artistic eye that see what is beyond the obvious in a picture?

Gypo said...

Shaimaa was much faster than me on this one. But I have only one thing to add.
All fried foods on the plate are mainly carbohydrates which are quickly digested and provide a fast release of energy, but they also quickly burn out and they don't actually feed the body, which is why egyptians will eat more than normal but not too much.
And by the way, one kg of tomatoes is much dearer than all what's on the plate.

Mona said...

I do appreciate good art when I see it, that's all.