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Sunday, November 16, 2008

497) Ben Affleck & Arabs!

Interesting, & respected point of view. I hope that we can think the same about "the others".


amina said...

sexy with brians, something rare in men kind!

Only Love said...

I do respect and like this man very much coz his way of thinking really worth it.

P.S: shofto match el Ahly enhrda :D kan gamedd. beep beep ahlyyyyy :D
sorry for writing about this as I know it's not related to the core of your post but I couldn't bsra7a dah el ahly :)

Mona said...

Your use of "The others" term reminds me with the psychological horror movie with the same name. I watched the movie few years back but I still get the shivers just remembering it.

I find some parallels between how challenging accepting "the others" - those who are different- and the psychological horror movie. As they both induce fear into the mind and challenge our perception of what is actually going on in the world inside and outside of us.

Amina, The guy is not available, I saw the ring in his left hand.

amina said...

mona, thank you for the bad news :(