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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

495) Will Egyptians accept it?!

I’ve just realized that the percentage of African Americans in the US is almost equal to the percentage of Copts in Egypt... so the question is: Will Egyptians ever have (or accept) a Coptic President after the US has elected/accepted an African American from Muslim roots?



Shimaa Gamal said...

Why not?!

Presidents are not supposed to be el 7akem be2amroh like it is the case now. Presidents are just ters fi dawlet el mo2asasat.
Lama el dawla te7komha mo2sasat, mafish far2 kebeer who will be on top, whether the president is christian, muslim, secular, or a woman. The president is just an employee.

Don't you think that we should refer to Egyptian Christians as only Christians not Copts?
The same way we call Egyptian Muslims, just Muslims not "Arabs"?

omar said...

I agree with Mohaly and Shaimaa about it is a non-religious positipon, but I don't think that many Egyptians will accept, cultural thing!

Copts is something unique why not using it?!

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Omar
I will tell you why we shouldn't use copts to refer to Egyptian Christians. The word copt means Egyptian. It was used by the Arabs to refer to the Egyptian natives ba3d el fat7.
If we still use this word to refer to Egyptian Christians, in my point of view, we will be inaccurately making the current Egyptian Christians the only hiers of this land.
ya3ny ma3na keda en el sha3b el masry mafish 7ad fih dakhal el Islam and that all the Muslims living in Egypt are mn el 3arab elly gom ma3 el fat7, which isn't true. And not all the Egyptian Christians are Egyptian Natives. le2n el 3arab too had Christians who moved freely ba3d el fat7 el 3araby fi el dawala.
In fact, Christianity was the formal religion of Egypt at the time of el fat7 el Islamy, but that never meant en it was the only religion at any time of history. And when the Arabs used the word COPT to refer to Egyptians they used it to refer to the whole population not only the Christians, even if they were the majority.

Ya3ny, to cut that long story short. Not all christians are Copts and not all copts are Christians.

Mohaly said...

That is right, copts mean Egyptians, but nowadays it is used to refer to Egyptian Christians (Ortho. in specific)

But we are drifting, I am with omar that many Egyptians wouldn't accept although in the peak of Islamic Era there were christian and jewish ministers and even prime ministers..

Gypo said...

good evening.
I missed you guys.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mohaly,
It has already happened in egypt..president Sadat..!, he was a black man..
Back to Obama,
american have not accepted different religion yet, in fact it was a big problem for Barak Obama and he had to prove he has nothing to do with islam, and to show that he was a church member for more than 20 years.., as for his blackness.. remember my friend that Barak Obama is half white.
I live in the USA and I know that doesn't make me an expert., but believe me if Barak was 100% black he would have lost like Jessy Jackson did previously.
as for Egypt I personally would welcome a true nationalist who puts egypt ahead of his personal agenda..or advancing a cause of any group of people. and like Omar I think it is very difficult at this time.
Last but not least I wanna express my admiration to your blog, I have been reading it lately and I enjoy it..keep up the good work Mohaly.

Mohaly said...

GYPO: Am I really reading it right? You are alive Gypo!!! I tried calling, sending,..no response since your re7letak el masho2ma to Egypt! Gypo is back ya regala!!!

MAHMOUD: Thank you and hope to see more of your contribution, as the blog is nothing without its active audience.