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Thursday, November 13, 2008

496) Three in One!!

7ad fahem 7aga!!


Mai Fouad said...

ana kaman mosh fahma 7aga I will watch your comments momken yekon lekom ra2y mofed

Gypo said...

Ana mesh fahem 7aga bardo. But I just had to comment, it's just good to be back and have my space on this blog.
El moheg enny mesh fahem 7aga bass mawdoo3 modeeret el madrasa elly etgawwezet el farrash da ana mesh fahmo aktar men el ba2y.

Gypo said...

mohaly, here's a surprise for you.
I figured out that we went to the same school together.
Some one tagged you on face book in a photo where you're standing next to people I know.

Shimaa Gamal said...

They should have rented one apartement with 3 bedrooms instead of 3 apartements. a7san mn el mashaweer. waho yewafaro bardo.

bas mesh dah kan film beta3 mahmoud 3abd el 3azeez, bas he married 4 friends in the same night.

ham yeda7ak!

Mona said...

The title for the post reminds me with sales special offers "Buy one get one for free," except that in this offer it is "Buy one get two for free."

Good deal!

Mohaly said...

ya Gypo, enta teghtas sana we taktashif fag2a ennena kona ma3 ba3d fel madrasa :)

Shaimaa: yah, u r right it is like the movie..

Mona: Quantity discount :)

kochia said...

حلول غير تقليدية

لمشكلة اصبحت تقليدية

Yasmine said...

hehehe the way i see it, those 3 women were VERY smart: they needed to get married, they knew any man will be greedy and tefes, and will not be able to resist having 3 women at the same time, with their consent!

badal mayrou7 yetgawez 3aleha men wa7da ghariba, he gets 3 women mara wa7da, the 3 of them are friends, they know about each other, and wont give him a headache, not to mention that they all come out of this with a husband.

he wont nag one for sex, since he's got 2 others to fulfill his needs if one doesnt feel like it. each wife will get some free time to breath a bit... i say it's genius! :D

the only requirement for the woman is to accept the concept of sharing, and for the man is to be able to financially keep 3 wives and their eventual kids, but then again, there are men who get second and third wives while they cant even keep one wife!