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Friday, December 5, 2008

503) Vacation Ahhhh at last :)

Begad this Eid Vacation comes at the right time, I really need a good vacation after this loooooong year of working and al-hamullah success..

I wish you all a happy and non-stressful vacation, and you can check 451,452,&453 for tips about optimum usage of vacation.

Yalla Let's enjoy it to the max. :))))



Mai Fouad said...

fe3lan el2agaza fe wa2taha

kol sana wa enta tayeb Mohaly ana all you blog followers taybeen

Only Love said...

Mohaly ya Mohaly kol sana wenta tayb w mai tayba wy kol ely haygo yektbo hena ba3dy tayben wely msh hayktbo kman :)
Hope you enjoy ur vacation and el3ed with your family ISA :)

kochia said...

(`'·.¸ (`'·.¸*¤* ¸.·'´) ¸.·'´)
♥*** happy feast ***♥
(¸.·'´ (¸.·'´*¤* `'·.¸) `'·.¸)

nourita said...


you're too organized

I hate you !

Happy eid and happy vacation

Mohaly said...

Thank you guys, I hope you have enjoyed it.

I love you too Nourita :))