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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

508) EgyTalks ... Zehe2t!

Is it only me who is feeling that, or the Egyptian talk-shows became extremely boring and repetitive. 10pm need lubrication, 90 mins needs less of the Moatazic show, Qahira Al Youm needs some seriousness, and el-beit beitak needs innovation, and all of them need less ads. I suggest having it twice a week instead of everyday.

"El beit betkom", you are invited at "el-3ashera msaa2an" lemodet "tes3een de2ee2a" 3ashan netfarrag 3ala "El Kahira El Youm" :)



amina said...

I support the 2 days or 3 days per week, ya3nee every other day.

Mona said...

Considering that proposal, the producers of Amr Adeeb's talk show would have to change it's name from "Cairo Today" to "Cairo Two-day" That works, I guess.

Only Love said...

I agree with you Mohaly that they became boring, repetitive and need less ads but concering the seriousness of El-Qahira el yom, I liked this program coz of Amr Adeb 's ironic way of sending his messages bel hezar bta3o dah. w asln bahes en bel tare2a bta3to dy a7sn mn 100 serious program. by3raf yewasal ely howa 3ayzo zay ma howa 3ayz btare2a damha khafef w agmad 100 mara mn el klam el serious el kber ely la yewady wla yegeb. mn el akhr bytklm b klam el nas ely fel share3.
ya3ny from all the programs mentioned dol, I don't care much about watching them ela Amr adeb specially en kolhom hayetklmo ta2reban fy nafs el klam enhrda fa khlas atfrg 3la el haga ely hatkhaleny 3la el a2a2l ad7ak.

P.S: 7elwa a2wy el invitation bta3tak dy :)

Moonrise said...

1st is Al Qaheera Al Youm presented by Amr Adeeb in Orbit.
it is full of variety and VIP guests .
2nd is Al 3ashera Misa'an presented by Mona Al Shazli.
it shows live events in Egypt and has significant guests .
it is a pity that the 2nd one is not re- played on the following day for those who miss it.

Hope said...

Ok, i don't watch much TV but when i do, i go for:

El 3ashera masa'aa (10 o'clock) and 90 minutes when i need to know what is going on in Egypt.

I might watch Sabaya when i am awake late at night and have nothing better to do.

I used to watch Amr Adeeb on Orbit, but not anymore.

I love 2lam Rosas by Hamdy Kandil.