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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

510) Good Bye 2008 !

2008 is leaving tonight. Help me in listing the top 10 good and bad events in Egypt in 2008. I have written 5 good and 7 bad so far. I will update the post with the stuff you will add in comments till we have our (blog team) own list.

Top Events in 2008:

1. Terminal 3 in the Airport is inaugurated (at last we have a real airport)
2. Rate of Growth has increased to 7%
3. Egypt & Ahly Won African Cups.
4. Bush is finally leaving :)
5. Mostafa El Sayed won a prestigious International Science Award.


1. Death of many prominent intellectual and cultural figures (who died in 2008 = who died in the last 4 years all together!)
2. Many incidents of landmark and properties burning (Shura, National Theatre,..etc)
3. Democracy has deteriorated and freedom of speech has lost its meaning.
4. Global financial crisis and its effect on Egypt.
5. Ahly lost all matches in World cup.
6. We came up with only 1 bronze medal in the Olympics after 5 medals in 2004.
7. Prices has increased more than 30% (inflation rate sky rocketing).



amina said...

Gamal Badawy
Younan Labib Rizk
Abdel-Wahab El Messiry
Magdy Mehanna
Ragaa El Nakkash
Salah El Din Hafex
Youssef Shahin
Aziz Sidki
Sufi AbuTaleb
Mostafa Khalil
Youssef Sabri Abutaleb
Al hag Madbouli
and others

maysa said...

It was a rich year, but tomorrow when it is over then it is
لا تحاول أن تعيد حساب الأمس وما خسرت فيه ..
فالعمر حين تسقط أوراقه لن تعود مرة أخرى ..
ولكن مع كل ربيع جديد سوف تنبت أوراق أخرى ..
فانظر الى تلك الأوراق التي تغطي
وجه السماء ..
ودعك مما سقط على الأرض فقد صارت جزءاً منها !!

Mona said...

On the good Side-
Amenhotep III is back home.

"The head of the 18th Dynasty King Amenhotep III was returned to Egypt after two decades of being shunted back and forth between Switzerland, Britain and the US."

Source: Al-Ahram Weekly