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Saturday, May 22, 2010

689) Whoever God prefers, Mubarak prefers !!

-Mubarak In Rome May 2010-

Last week President Mubarak has enjoyed visiting his favourite place outside Egypt "Italy" after he fully recovered from the surgery ( I really hope that this visit's agenda was mainly to take Italy into our side in the Nile Valley conflict specially that it has big influence in Ethiopia).

What I have noticed in the press conference following his meeting with the Italian PM is that he was taken by a question of who will be his successor. He surprisingly answered: ‘Whoever God prefers, I prefer’... tayeb we malo, wa ne3ma Bellah!. However, at the end of the press conference (documented in Ahram coverage) he said that he and Berlusconi will be opening the Italian University in Egypt in 2017 (he will be about 90), and the Italian PM (who will be about 80) didn't oppose that. This means that God prefers meen ya Welad? 

da7na neb2a ba2ar ya ged3an law sebna el ragel dah yo7kom!



David said...

When Mubarak dies, Obama and the Saudis will try to impose a puppet in his place, probably Mubarak's not-so-talented son.

At the end, the Iranians and Syrians will help the Egyptian people overthrow the American puppet and the Brotherhood will take over.

Interesting what Obama will do when the only part of the Eastern Mediterranean that is not controlled by people who hate American imperialism, is the Israel which Obama hates so much.

Anonymous said...

7elwa di
2017 !!

Shimaa Gamal said...

fatasteny mn el de7k ya Mohaly :D

bas el a3mar be yadi ellah :D

maybe he is counting on the end of the world in 2012 :D

On a series note I think that his European visits are related to the Nile basin crisis.

US vice president will visit Egypt in a couple of weeks too before leaving to Kenya and I think this is so related to the same issue.

Ahmed said...

ya 3am yero7 yobos fel meraya, 2017 ezay ya3ni?

well chosen pic ya Mohaly ;)

howa David bey2oul eih?

Anonymous said...

:)) that is funny and make you cry as well.
I disagree with David though.

Mohaly said...

David, I dont get the Obama hating Israel part?!!

Mohaly said...

Shiamaa :)

esraa emam said...

I hope that he realizes that "chaos" may come from his party's intransigence--not from the opposition's calls for reform.

Anonymous said...


ana ba7eb el 7okoma! ba7ebbahaaa!

Mohaly said...

ibhog: watch out, men al 7ob ma katal.