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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

686) Egyptian Humiliation; Feeling Like Home !

I don't think what has happened/is happening to the Egyptians in the last couple of years is a coincidence...

In Khartoum: We was beaten by the Algerians in the streets.
In Darfour: Our peacekeepers were killed.
In Sinai: Our Guards are shot on monthly basis now.
In Saudi Arabia: Our citizens are humiliated.
In Kuwait: We were kicked off the country.
In UAE: We were laid off.
In Algeria: We were poisoned, and our investments are threatened.
In Lebanon: An Egyptian was ... I can even describe what happened.
In Iraq: Our Ambassador was killed.
In Quds: Our Foreign Minister was beaten by shoes.
In Germany: We were killed (Marwa El Sherbini).
In Italy & USA: We were busted and thrown into jails.
In Nile Valley: We were rejected.
In the Mid. and Red Seas: We simply drowned.
In Egypt: We are beaten, rapped, humiliated, killed (on physical and psychological levels),...etc.

It seems that other people want to make us feel home ...

The weird thing that I feel guilty not ashamed... May be because I dont know what to do to stop this snowball of humiliation. It is really hard when you love the country and hate it at the same time.

This country needs a complete revolution and a very soon one as well.

7aga Te7azen Begad :(


Ahmad said...

the way you laid it out kinda hard to digest, I feel the same way as you do now.
and maybe the problem is that we don't mind being all those things, we feel bad, we feel angry, then we go on with our lives.
but this won't last for long, I can feel something different is taking place. it may take a long time for any change to happen, but at least Hope is not just a dream anymore

Shimaa Gamal said...

I don't think that these humiliations are personally directed towards the Egyptians.
Except for the incidents including the Algerians. And these incidents can't be counted as humiliation. le2n lama 3ayel ahbal yermeek bel toob dah mesh 3ashan enta we7esh, dah 3ashan howa ahbal

Peace keepers get killed everywhere, it is part of the job. They work in hot areas and they might end up killed. And this is not a humiliation it is more of an honor to get killed serving your country and protecting people.

Guards on the borders too, it is part of the job. And it is still an honor. The fact that our Palestinian neighbors are shooting at our guards isn't humiliating. These soldiers die with honor and we can't take that honor out of them. They serve, they protect the borders against "el tame3een".

In KSA, we can't generalize. Some cases make the news. And human rights in KSA is generally disputed. So, it is not only directed towards the Egyptians. It is not a personal thing. It is a general problem in KSA.

In Iraq: again it is not humiliation to get killed serving your country. Our ambassador was serving the country and he was killed my militias! This is not humiliation. this is again an honor. None of the Americans who got killed in Iraq took it as a humiliation.

In Kuwait: for God's sake! The Egyptians got a whole district under control a couple of yrs ago and ma7desh kalemhom. dol kan na2es yerfa3o el 3alam!
As for those who got kicked out of the country for supporting El Baradei, people should really get real. 1st Kuwait is like all the gulf countries they are highly sensitive to ay 7aga leeha 3elaka be mafhoom el thawra wel ta3'yeer. Plus they have to protect their relations with Mubarak!
So kicking them off wasn't because they are Egyptians, it is because they don't respect the cause of El Baradei or in the best mesh 3ayzeen waga3 dema3'
This is not humiliation for Egypt, actually it is sort of respect if you look it the other way around.

Marwa El Sherbeni wasn't killed because she was Egyptian, she was killed for being a Muslim. So the humiliation here is directed towards every Muslim. And I won't call it Humiliation too. I don't think it is the right term. Discrimination might be better.

Italy& USA: again it is not that we are Egyptians.

Abo El 3'iet in Jerusalem: This is what you get when you support policies that others don't like.

The Nile basin, it is politics not humiliation. In politics there isn't room for doing things out of respect. Countries do thing out of benefit.

The drowning, again it is not directed towards the Egyptians personally. Things like this happen everywhere. It is just that whatever happens to the Egyptians is under our spot light.

Last what happens in Egypt is humiliation! this i can't deny. But it is a humiliation that we do on one another. we discriminate and humiliate.
And this is something that I can't understand or explain.

Many of the Egyptians lost self respect. That's why they humiliate others on a hope to gain it back.
3o2ad na2s keteeera awy. koloh 7ases enoh mesh kefaya we 3ashan mesh kefaya lazem yeshetem elly ye2dar yeshtemoh, we yedrab elly ye2dar yedraboh. we ye3mel ay 7aga fi ay 7ad ad3af menoh.

It is a huge psychological problem that's widely spread in the Egyptian community.

And this will take a generation or two to change.

Deeper said...

الأحوال المالية 
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الفقر : 35% من الشعب تحت خط الفقر,أقل من1 دولار في اليوم 
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الجنيه المصري : الدولار= 85 قرش سنة1981م و 6 جنيهات سنة 2005 م 
الأحوال الصحية 
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Mohaly said...

Ahmad: It is hard fe3lan. It think we cant take it anymore something is in the air, OR this will be the new Egypt le2saf.

Shaimaa: yes, not all meant to be directed to Egyptians, but it is not normal too to have all these incidents in less than 2 years, this means something and is related somehow to what is happenening inside.

Deeper: da howa da el nakad begad !!

Yasmine said...

I don't agree with the context ya Mohaly.

Everywhere in the world people get killed, laid off, face foul play in business, drown, get humiliated in their own country.

Some things might be preventable, or punishable, others are part of life. And in a lot of cases, the problem could very well be the person himself!

Over the past 2 years, or the past 20 years, it all has to do with the media's overexposure and exaggeration. An incident that might've gotten coverage for a day in 2 papers and 3 tv channels 20 years ago, now gets covered for 10 days in dozens of websites, dozens of papers, and endless tv channels.

It's worth thinking about, but I wouldn't gather them around and slap the "humiliation" label on them too fast, as this would be grotesquely oversimplifying things :)

fardin Abdi said...

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E N G Y said...

It's sad Mohaly:(

Shimaa & Yasime have a valid point, it's not always because we are Egyptian, yet being Egyptian is a common factor!

I guess it starts by the humiliation inside the country, ppl are being humiliated on all levels 24/7..they are being humiliated by the gov, so how could we ask the same gov to support ouside?

Other countries don't mean to humiliate us as Egyptians but they know quite sute that whatever happens our gov won't interfere or take an action, naturally they feel free to do whatever, ppl and governments!

It's all abt our lost right in our country ya Mohaly:S

Mohaly said...

My main point is about Humiliation inside Egypt and that we are now used to it inside so it is normal to see it outside.
I do insist that what is happening in Egypt is Humiliation even if what is happening outside is not.

Shimaa Gamal said...

I have a question, how each of us "Personally" is feeling humiliated.
And I want a personal experience of humiliation not general, not that we see people in the TV or read about humiliation in blogs.

Yasmine said...

That's why i'm saying grouping everything together and labeling it as "humiliation" is not accurate.
And by the way, we deserve this humiliation. If we exercised our rights and did our part in changing things, we wouldnt be where we are today.
You may be voting at every election, but millions dont.
A few hundred people may be protesting in the streets, expressing their disapproval, but millions are sitting at home, whining and complaining without doing much about it.
You may not encourage corruption and try to get things done the long and hard way, just to prove a point and do things right, but millions of Egyptians choose the short and easy WRONG way of getting things done by paying bribes or calling in favors.

It's a choice, and the Egyptian people have made it a long time ago, and only a minority are trying to fight it, hopelessly.

And it's no justification to say, my time is worth more than standing in long lines, or dealing with cranky gov employees, or a stupid or flawed process.
The day we choose to bypass the system by paying someone a little extra, or calling in an acquaintance to help speed things up is the day we violate other people's rights, and consequently we shouldnt dare complain about our rights being violated.

I love your question very much, somewhere along the way, perspective was lost, and I blame overexposure for it.

Mohaly said...

Yasmine: I do agree with that.

1. What happened to my mother last week when she was renewing the car licence.
2. What happened to me when I was issuing the new passport.
3. What happens to me sometimes when I am back from a business trip while stamping the passport.
4. What happens to me and my friends when we try to park in an empty slot that someone wants to occupy by force.
5. What happens to me when a police man ye2refni fe 3eshty in order to give him something (20 Le maslan).
6. When I cant take my money from a company coz the sponsoring government havent paid yet for months, and i have to almost beg for it.
7. When I listen to the official news and feel that they are mocking me or treating me like a child.

The list is long Shaimaa, it is not only public & general, it is private too.

Mohaly said...

and that is why yasmine, i said that I feel guilty not ashamed.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Well, the only time I felt humiliated was when one of my father's friends decided to do my a favor. He is like my uncle. He decided that I need to work, and he decided to put me in a situation where he offered money to a no one to find me a job.

I found this sitiuation humilating on so many levels and it pretty much sums the Egyptian problem.

1st, it was humiliating because they pushed their noses in my life without being asked. Though they did it with good intension. but invading privacy and personal space should be prohibited by law

2nd, it was humiliating because they assumed i can't find a job on my own. which means that all my education and experiences are simply a big joke.

3rd, they actually thought it was cool to bribe someone to bribe someone else and that's the thing everyone else do things. One of my friends even compared this to recruitment offices. Why not pay the guy, he is a job broker.
I found this justification and the idea that why not do something wrong because everyone else is doing it really humiliating.

And I can't blame this to whatever is happening in Egypt. Though this story could be repeated with many others. But we can all go through the same experience yet we won't have the same output. The scenario I just mentioned might sound ok for some as much as I don't mind bureaucracy and i don't consider it humiliating. I consider it waste of time and i regard this waste of time as a needed tax to live in a big city like Cairo and it is sort of tax that I can afford a car. The last time I renewed my car license it wasn't bad at all. Though it took my brother a day off so that we can make it in a week day. Yet all what I had to do was stand in the women's line and smile. Though it was new numbers hassle. But it was fine. Actually when dealing with government all what the person need is lots of patience and preparation that el yom haydereb. And most important to get prepared to the fellow Egyptians who are worse than the employees. el nas elly wa2fa we kol wa7ed faker nafsoh ebn barem dieloh. heya di el moshekla. el moshekla fi kol elly faker enoh 3ashan wasta, or 3ashan feloos howa aham mn elly 7awalieh

And I don't think this type of people humiliates me. bel 3aks. they are humiliating themselves by that attitude. le2n mafeesh 7ad kebeer beystakbar. el estkbar ya3ny 7aga fi el asl so3'ayara we bet7awel te3mel manzar. So it is just like someone pleading i am guilty of being so little and i want to be noticed.

I believe that humiliation in Egypt is personal. But it is the media that puts poison in honey.
the media these days reminds me of Nasser's media. Nasser's media brainwashed the Egyptian public that Egypt is on top of the world, and that Nasser is el mahdy el montazar and that israel will drown fi ay ba7r te7eboh.
Which we all know wasn't the truth. The media now, is full of people who try to play the sadeek el fala7 role by generalizing personal problem.

It is like that I have poor taste in men, does this mean all men are bad? Does this mean all women are stupid? Never. It just means that some men are bad and some women are stupid and regardless the percentage or the repetition it is not a general phenomena.

Really the news is full of poison all sugar coated as dah 3ashan masla7tak

Yasmine said...

Just to add to your comment; I've been renewing my car's license, my own driving license, my ID, ka3b el 3amal, feesh we tashbih, my passport on my own for the past 10 years.
No father, brother or husband came along, and the places i go to dont have a women's line.
I can confidently say that apart from the fact that it's a wasted day, that the offices are inhumanely hot/dirty/crowded/unorganized, whichever my luck brings, i never felt the need to pay anything, or get anyone's help.
If everyone did the same, things will improve greatly, without even starting on fixing the govt and all these issues.

deppy said...

Mohaly you forgot to mention the fifa's '0' voting :)

however I agree that not all what mohaly has mentioned is directly humiliating to egyptians. what is more depressing is what we see in our daily basis, and how we turn out to be.

w ba3den ya3ni! اذا كان رب البيت بالدف ضارب

And for shimaa's question, I never watch TV, also avoid all those kind of news as much as I can, yet I feel humiliated in my own country.
and I have 'plenty' of personal experiences, one of them was an incident with all of my family involved, khaleni sakta 3ashan manro7sh fi dahya :D

Anonymous said...

Ezay ya3ni ya Yasmine, you are making it so simple. How can't we get affected by at least seeing our representetaives as such. I personally feel extremely humiliated
نائب القمار ( ياسر صلاح )

نائب الرصاص ( نشأت القصاص )

نائب الرشوة ( محمد فريد خميس )

نائب أكياس الدم الفاسدة ( هانى سرور )

نائب العبارة السلام ( ممدوح إسماعيل أمين الحزب الوطنى فى منطقة العروبة بمصر الجديدة )

نائب الفساد العقارى ( محمد إبراهيم سليمان وزير الإسكان وعضو مجلس الشعب عن الحزب الوطنى )

نائب القتل ( عبد العظيم الحمزاوى عضو مجلس الشعب حزب وطنى عن دائرة البدرشين والهارب على ذمة قضية قتل

نائب النساء ( هشام طلعت )

- نائب الاحتكار ( احمد عز )
- نائب الفتنه الطافيه ( عبد الرحيم الغول )

Ahmed said...

هل في حاكم او دوله في العالم طبقت الطوارئ كل هذه المده
isn't that humiliating on its own?

Yasmine said...

please understand what i'm saying; our daily lives can improve greatly if we did our part and followed the system (even if it's not perfect), voiced our opinions and concerns the right way (peaceful demonstrations and strikes, petitions, etc), did our part to change bad things (every single one of us uses their right to VOTE), etc.
If the majority shows concern or disaproval, the govt wont have a choice but to listen and appease the masses.

But we're nowhere near that. how are we going put our hands together towards change if we can't stand in line for God's sake.

All the members of parliament you mentioned deserve the worst punishment. If their districts revolted and said something, maybe they would get it.

My point is, we have to do our share of the work without waiting for anyone to do it for us.
As long as we havent, we have no right to complain, and nothing will change.

wel gomla el ta3bana el kol wa7ed bey2olha "ya3ni heya gat 3alaya" heya el gaybana wara. mafish entema2. mafish mas2oleya.

Mohaly said...

"mafish entema2. mafish mas2oleya"

Sa7, lel2asaf that is the right description of the reason behind the increasing humiliation.
We are taking part in humiliating ourselves.

ElMasry said...

هو ايه اللى بيحصل
هل العيب فى سياستنا ولا العيب فينا نحن المصريين وطبيعة شعبنا ولا هل من كتر محنا مغتربيين فى البلادوعددنا كتر فى الغربة ومتبهدلين فى مجتمعات وشعوب لها عادتها الخاصة واحنا غرب عليهم عشان كده رخصنا ممكن شوية من كتر ما الدول ديه شيفانا هجين من بلادنا وشغلين عندهم والقاتلة اللى انا فاكرهم كالتالى :
مقتل مروة الشربينى فى المانيا والشاب الذى قتل فى ايطاليا على ايدى عصابة والقتل والتمثيل بالجثة فى لبنان ولم يكتفو بالقتل والمهندس الذى قتل فى نيجيريا واخير الذى قتل فى اليونان والله اعلم المستقبل مخبى لنا ايه فى الغربة؟