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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

688) Are you Rich enough?!

I have lately been exposed to extreme differences in salaries scales where I know people (Employees in Cairo) who earn 50K per month, and others of the same age and years of experience who don't exceed 4 or 5K. The weird thing that both of them don't consider themselves rich although of one of them is earning 10 times the other.

That brought me to the following question:
How to know if you are rich or not?
Is it by the amount of money your earn, or the amount of money you spend, or if you have supportive friends, and family, or is it a state of mind regardless of what you own?

Are you rich enough?


E N G Y said...

I guess the amount of money you save.

If you are able to get your needs and save some money then you are rich regardless the amount of money you earn!

According to my theory,I am rich enough:)

Ahmed said...

I am the richest reader of this blog ;p

BaTaBeeT said...

no matter how much increase in salary u get.... u will feel that u need more

cause the more money... the more responsibilities... and I dunno y !

Maizz said...

you are rich when u are satisfied ...you are rich if u think u are rich
no matter how much u earn.. it's all a matter of perspective and thats in my opinion of course.

Noha said...

There is a gigantic difference between earning a great deal of money and being rich.

Marlene Dietrich

Anonymous said...

it is a state of mind regardless of what i own. i am rich when i have the power to share what i have with someone else.
no matters how little it is,sharing doubles the value of what i have.
the more i give and share, the more I AM rich.

amina said...

yes i am

but the problem is people keep comparing me with others and say u should take more and folan is taking more wel kalam da which annoys me at the end

what is the problem in doing what you want with wha you have and enjoy?

Ahmed said...

What about the inflation rate ya ENGY?

Anonymous said...

Can the answer be summarized in all wut u said together??
Which means>> all wut u earned,spent,saved,supported with + being Satisfied with all of this!!!(Whatever the amount is!)

I Guess the point is that: there r very few ppl who thank god & become satisified with what they've(And hince;they feel they're z Richest ppl ever!)But,unfortunately;the majority are always complaining & unsatisfied(Although they may be MILLIONAIRES compared with others).
BUT,they perceive the only way towards "Security" is "Money" & spend their whole life just for collecting money & that's why they'd never feel Rich Whether they quit collecting or not!

Shimaa Gamal said...

I have a feeling that we had this discussion before when I said
الغنى من الإستغناء
you are rich when you can afford not to be needy. Which is a tricky definition but I believe the most accurate. The poor is the one who is in need. You can make millions and still need more fulfill a need which makes you poor. You can have no money yet you are not in need of anything which makes you rich.

amina said...

yes shaimaa. we discussed how much is needed to be considered a rich person from numbers perspective, i guess this is more of qualitative discussion.