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Saturday, May 29, 2010

691) Would you change your mind?!

Do you feel sometimes that you were wrong and you shouldn't have done so and so if you changed your mind...Some other times it is the opposite, and you regret changing your mind...
So my questions are:
Should we change our minds?
What can make you change your mind? & Why?

P.S. Before I write this post, I wanted to write something about an important sexual issue, but I "Changed My Mind" ;)


Shimaa Gamal said...

It depends. If we changed our mind le2noh mn bab el regoo3 lel 7a2 fadeela it will be great.

The question is, why did you change your mind about the post?

Brownie said...

Changing ur mind is not bad at all even if it came with negative consequences.
For me, i am Gemini so i change my mind million times a day, sometimes coz i get more clear view, someone has changed my mind, or just out of stubbornness, that is the worst of course. but changing our mind means that we r flexible and not rigid, and that is what makes us human

deppy said...

yes changing our minds or being flexible is a good thing when it comes to how we see things, other things like maslan principles, or if it's 3ala sabeel l hesitation.

what can make me change my mind, a book, a quote, anything that comes to my face actually, but most importantly and powerful is going into a discussion.

Ahmed said...

We shouldnt change our minds that easy Brownie.

merhan said...

I change my mind a lot and this doesnot mean that i am trivial or haifa but it depends on whom i discuss the subject with and to what extent he influences me and sometimes when i make a decision i go back and write the pros aand cons of such decision .i donot know but don't u feel it is so hard to make a decision or pick a path.i am at the moment distracted between two big choices and can't decide which is best for me.IT IS SO TIRING...........

Anonymous said...

do you mean like regret?
or just changing minds?

i dunno..
right now actually i regret changing my mind !

does that make any sense? it's like im in quick sand ..am stuck and whenever i move a muscle ( change my mind) i get stuck deeper .. !

is that normal or even .. applicable or answering your question?

dunno ..

Mohaly said...

in order to write this one ;p

"even if it came with negative consequences". I don't think so. Being flexible is different than not studying the consequences before changing your mind. wala eih?

Mohaly said...

totally agree with you, sometimes an article comes as an eye opener and i keep on reading it many times and start acting upon. but again, I am against 180 changes in life.

what something like what I taught you (like KPIs) to choose between them.

both actually.
and yes it makes sense, good description. Can we help?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes We've to change our mind & be flexible to accept others' point of views if it may add me some value, but it depends on: Why am changing my mind & What i expect from changing it ?
AS for me: I can't ever change my mind without being Convienced 1st (Whatever the way to conveince me; May be after a discussion debate or also as u said reading a persuading article or book...)

Anonymous said...

:)) well thank you for the offer, and yes i do need help,every day or two i need to be reminded of the fact that reality sucks ! and that i should grow stronger , tougher (than the me i am now) to accept rejection .. so i can move on and stop messing with my own heart :)

(Heyyyyyy that's like the first time you'd reply to me) !!!!!

* Happpy *


Mohaly said...

jazzy :))))

Brownie said...

@Ahmed: it is not that i change my mind wz no reasonable reason, but gv me reason, good one, and i will change my mind so easily.
u know i changed my mind about my career over a call from a friend, and u dont know how much comfort it brought me.

yeah sure i agree that we have to study the consequences but what if something pop up and the results were not in ur favor, would u stop being flexible?

Mohaly said...

Brownie: Actually I dont change my mind easily. But once I am convinced, I dont hold on to my opinion, I just change it.
You can say my flexibility has prerequisites :)

Rawanies said...

When I start to reflect on decisions I'm trying to make, I usually change my mind - it requires a lot of courage to take certain steps. I guess!