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Sunday, May 2, 2010

683) The EyeBrow Divorce!

This is about a woman in Saudi Arabia who got divorced because she insisted to trim her eyebrow!

I just can't believe it!!!!!

سعودية تطلب الطلاق بسبب فتوى تحريم (تهذيب الحواجب)

القاهرة - قرر زوجان في المدينة المنورة الانفصال عن بعضهما عقب 3 أعوام من الارتباط، إثر خلاف فقهي نشب بينهما، تمحور حول نتف الحواجب أو ما يعرف ب"النمص".
وذكرت صحيفة "عكاظ" الأحد أن الزوجة تقدمت بطلب طلاق إلى المحكمة، عندما فشلت محاولاتها في إقناع زوجها برأي بعض العلماء، الذين أباحوا "نمص الحواجب"، فيما كان الزوج متمسكا برأي آخر معارض لها.
من جهتها، حولت المحكمة العامة في المدينة المنورة القضية إلى مجلس صلح لتقريب وجهات نظر الزوجين، بيد أن كل طرف تمسك برأيه، ما أدى إلى إنهاء العلاقة الزوجية وحصول الزوجة على صك الطلاق.


Ahmed said...

eih el habal da
el nas de fadya tab3an

Ahmed said...

we kaman they have psycological problems too

Anonymous said...

2al tala2 2al

amina said...

he must be a Salafi

Anonymous said...

eyebrows is not the main reason behind the divorce.
the main reason is that they belong to 2 different groups of religion.
the moderate group, while the other one is the radicale. and USUALLy they dont mingle. usually the radicale group marry someone of the same group, bc they want their children to be raised with the same mentality. that's why they make sure not to marry from outside the group.
and the other way round too.
the radicale group are those who believe in nothing else but the "quran" and refuse any thing else, while the other group are more open for discussions and researches, as long as it doesnt touch the 3aqidah and 3ebadat.
i am surprised they lasted 3 years, actually that they got married aslan.

Brownie said...

in short, dah talkik

Mohaly said...

Ana ba2oul keda bardo ya Brownie ..

Omar Rostom said...

It is all about sex dear, this couple are not happy in bed for sure.

Congrats on the new look of the blog;) Mohalyics going blue!

Anonymous said...

i agree with Omar

Anonymous said...

i agree with Omar

Sara said...

It's rarely the issue of a silly thing as this actually. Only that it opens the lid over lots of other small things accumulated. Alqasha allaty qasamat thahr alba3eer, so to speak.

I like your blog, Mohaly! and thanks for your compliment =)