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Thursday, April 29, 2010

682) A Quick Guide for Cairo Traffic Light !

The Traffic Light in Cairo:

Green Light is just stating the obvious, you gonna pass anyway.

Red Light is just a suggestion to stop, that you "might" consider.

while Yello Light is ...... just for decoration!



Anonymous said...

you forgot to add:

"this is of course if you were lucky enough to 'come across' a traffic light in the first place".

"howwa talama hena abyad we bta3 rabena, yeb2a khalas!"

"just .. you know .. teer enta!"

Anonymous said...

hahaha 7elwa! and so true! that's exactly why i never drive in masr om eddonia!

and ibhog: i thought only my mom says "hena abyad"... is it a common phrase?

Sara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
deppy said...

ya3ni eh traffic light? :D

Noblese said...

Last time in Cairo I gave up driving totally ... didn't know which light meant what ...

Ahmed said...

Good one.

i really dont understand why do we have yellow ones

and the new traffic lights need a guide too

Ze2red said...

sawany sawany... do we have yellow aslan in our traffic lights? I thought it only works in Europe and el dowal el motkadema :)

@ Ibhog: 7aram 3aleek we have traffic lights bas bayza :D

Mohaly said...

yes we have ya ze2red
actually sometimes it is always yellow specially at night

Mohaly said...

sometimes i find very interesting comments then i find them deleted before even someone comments, why?!

Anonymous said...

2al Trafic 2al