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Monday, April 12, 2010

676) Personal ::: Tahyees Morakaz 3 !

I am alone, sunset is approaching, so sleepy and lazy to do anything ... I have a class in 2 hours and I went there 3 hours earlier! I have just fired a client in the morning and decided to get rid of his pain, and money as well. I feel that I can't relate to anything even myself. I have also hurt one of my very respected and stubborn friends. I have been even... wala balash..
I don't wanna do anything. I just have just signed couple of big contracts with 2 international reputable instition, and got great feedback from many of my audience and clients about my work. However, I do wanna do anything. I love what I do, and bardo don't wanna do anything.
A whole week aborad in successful business was supposed to make me feel better, but actually I hate Cairo and living in it since the minute I am back (I travel all the time, why this time?!)
I have been walking around in circles in the streets of downtown for the last hour and half.
Imagine what is the topic that pops-up into my mind in such situation?! Ok I will let you guess.
P.S. I think I am stoned!


Ze2red said...

immigration and leaving the country for good maybe?!

Mohaly said...

I hope I never reach this decision coz if I left I will never come back.

Ze2red said...

tayeb, 3arosty :)

Mohaly said...

let's see what others will say...

i think i seriously need help!

Shimaa Gamal said...

hmmm it is really tricky to figure out what could pop-up in your mind while in such mood but the 1st thing that comes to mind is you feel lonely. You resent Cairo for a reason, not that Cairo is different. You are not happy because something is missing. I would say it is in the air, or it is something that's hitting everyone who was born in the 1970's.
But I think you are lonely and whatever crossed your mind is related to this.

Or maybe Mubarak and son since you were roaming downtown streets ... who knows.

Food maybe! I always think of food whenever I am off mood :)

So, what was it?

E N G Y said...

"I don't wanna be here" !!

If I were feeling the same, walking aimlessly like this, all I'd be thinking of is that this's not what I want and it's not where I wanna be now!!

I second Shimaa, it's something in the air:S

Anonymous said...

hmmm... blow up the country and have it re-constructed "3ala nadafa"? :D cause i get this thought sometimes. i even have it planned out and justified. as for casualties.. eh.. hmm.. well.. most people are miserable anyway so i'll be giving them a way out of their misery AND spare them suicide attempts (3ashan mayro7oosh el nar).. i'll handpick a selected few to survive the massive destruction.. ones with great mentalities and realistic visions.. ha3mel a small Noah's arc sort of thing... and we start fresh :D *sigh*.. if only..
(ahem.. ermm.. don't get the wrong idea.. i'm not a violent person by nature...)

hmmm... as for how you were feeling in general... i think it's just something every single one of us living here - even the most optimistic - has to go through every once in a while. Don't worry it'll pass.. you have so much positive energy in you to get over the general state of disgust and saddet nefs ;)

Undefined said...

May be a Honeymoon far away, in a place where no 1 can reach u...:D:D
U've spent the whole week in businesssss,,,workin, workin & just workin :S:S
I GUESS u need along Breakkk,some Reliefs & kind of change to renew ur energy agn!
May be u thought of doin smthng Crazy,,,,or travellin only to entertain urself or take a SHOWER par example...LOL...Am just playig!!

Mohaly said...

If I was talking about my overwhelming feeling then you are all right... yes I felt I am out of here, I want to REVAMP the whole place or do as Bluevoid said (Hitler style) and select the healthy brains and eliminate the rest!
But I wasn't asking about the feeling. I was asking about the irrelevant thought that popped-up to my mind..
amazingly and surprizingly is was .... SEX !!!
Am I pathetic or what? What happened to me? How can Sex pop-up in such situation and why?!!

Mohaly said...

Unidentfied is very close... I think you are totally right. I cant have a long vacation before July, but any suggestions about the best place for such a vacation?

Shimaa Gamal said...

Actually "sex" is logical. It might be the something missing.

You are not pathetic wala 7aga don't worry :) You are just lonely, which is a healthy sign. You start worrying if you sex didn't cross your mind while having similar feelings.

As for the Hitler style solution, I have started a campaign to donate gasoline and matches and I am singing wenaby nawloony el wala3a :) So, let's see who will burn down Cairo first :))

Undefined said...

There are a lot of suggestions here & outside Egypt as well but it depends on with whom will u spend such vacation & wut do u want from it?!
If u wanna enjoy ur time & have fun wiz ur friends for ex., u may arrange for a Nile Cruise trip to Luxor & Aswan...or Italy masalan :)!
but if u wanna just relaxxx in the charming nature,,so wut about TABBA,DAHAB,Mars3alm,,,,London?!

E N G Y said...

Italy of course!!:)

I am plaining for a vacation in Paris and Italy by end of June isA.

You are welcome if u wanna join:D