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Thursday, April 1, 2010

675) FUN ::: 3 Soldiers & A Tourist !

Since I won't have access whole of next week, I would leave you with some fun :)

1. Why does it need 3 soldiers to take a photo of a tourist (notice 2 of them are looking at the one taking the picture)?
2. What does her pause mean?!
3. What the Hell is he shooting?!!!!

Enjoy your vacations ...


Anonymous said...

she wants the photo to appear as if she's holding the tip of the pyramid

he is trying to capture her request

the others want to learn from his professional shooting skills lol

mo, have a little creativity & some imagination hehe!

ahmed said...

they don't see such good quality everyday

Mohaly said...

lendmeurear: hmmmm ... ok ;)

Anonymous said...

sha3b ta3baaaaaan ya7aram :D:D:D:D
Mafeesh fayda!!

lao said...

yes he is taking the photo from down so she looks tall as the pyramid in the background,im trying to find 4 him any excuse,bas da maymna3sh eno kan mo3gab be her legs gidan.heheee

Mohamed Emam said...

Do you think her face will appear in this photo? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I like how your about me part is more of an advertisement.LOL.Seriously,dude!Whatthe hell?And that slogan of yours,what movie was that again?

ahmed said...

To the anonymous who thinks himself funny, the name of the movie is: "Fuck-Off".

By the way this slogan was first said y a great scholar in Islam called Imam Shafei, so watch out before mocking it.

It is weird that someone like Mohaly -who really does what he says- is mocked because he is adding his info to his profile by someone anonymous who we don't even know his name or who he is.

It seems like April's fool.

Anonymous said...

yeah :)

amina said...

where is everyone?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Drooler(Aka ahmed)..
A movie "FUCK-OFF" will basically just exist in a sick,pathetic mind of yours.People like us,outside,in the real world...seek experts from their problems,not a lovely cute blog.Plus,its obviously a freaking cry of attention,the about part.I wonder what yours have..your CV too? HAHA..
You followers need to find something better to do..I'm outta here.
With love,
A real person

Anonymous said...

this anonymous person is ( t3ban Mollla)

well the pic may appear at first as bizzare and awkward but it's really innocent and nice :D like lendmeanear said :)