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Sunday, April 18, 2010

678) "On the Stay" !

I have been wondering lately about the status of "On the Run". I thought from the name, it is a quick-buy shop where the average time stay doesn't exceed 5 mins at most. However, it has been lately noticed that it is always crowded and people may spend 30 mins or more socializing there although the place is not designed or capable of handling all these people for that long! The amazing part is that its current FM Radio campaign has a slogan saying "2abelni Henak" which means Let's meet-up there which I see totally contradicting with the cocept of "On the Run"... Why?!
I am suggesting that it will be more realistic and matching to what is really happening  if it changed its name to "On the Stay"... 2abelni henak ;)


Anonymous said...

weghet nazar bardo :D

but then again, what do you say in a country where everybody dresses extravagantly for 'shopping' generally!

Ze2red said...

@ Mohaly: yeah i find it weird too why people spend a lot of time over there. and they socialize as well!! isn't it a quick stop ya nas. Balad mashya bel mesha2leb.

@ Ibhog: i wonder why they do that for shopping. Specially for clothes shopping, if I'm going to enter a fitting room frequently shouldn't we wear something easy to put on and off to min the shopping time?... ghareba el nas!

Anonymous said...

well .. it's the challenge we find to redefine a place !
if its on the run we are gonna make it on the stay
if its something weird we are gonna make it 3ady !
that's us 3amtn :D
but i love on the run .. i drink my coffee there from time to time :))

Anonymous said...

hehehe yeah that's a totally inappropriate slogan... min illit el2amaken 3ashan ennas tit2abil feeha?!

if you call ppl in egypt extravagant dressers, wait till u see the ones in kuwait!!!

BaTaBeeT said...


when on the run started, it was really meant to be "on the run"... fast coffee, fast snacks and so...

kan lesa maba2ash lel sha2t (excuse my french)

I was sitting with it's owner's mother a couple of days ago, she told me that he is wondering why the police m3'aleseen 3alih especially in heliopolis Area... i was like.. doesn't he know that there are "fatayat leil" henak everyday after 7???

I love on the run... but I hate to stay there

Mohaly said...

You are definitely kidding ya Batabeet!

BaTaBeeT said...

walahy I'm not :D

I wanted to illustrate what I actually see... but I thought saying "fatayat leil" was the most proper thing to say to an old woman :D

she said she would transfer the message :D

Mohaly said...

Batabeet: Akeed they look fine coz if they look like street hookers, they wont have allowed them in from the first place.

Ibhog: I never understood that. I don't like shopping anyway especially in cairo.

insomniac said...

y first annoyance with on the run (maadi) is that it was always crowded, mostly modern academy students, and recently company staff from around it, my company included... people smoke right in there!!!!! de banzeeeeena, no smoking allowed, nazareyan, but they allow it inside!!!

c'est l'egypte!!!!

Ahmed said...

howa why on the run is in cairo only?

Basma said...

Well I generally agree with you... but its not that ppl are "stupid" or smthg =) Its that they finnaly found a place where they can meet and stay without being over charged for "taxes" and "service fees" so its not their fault after all =) I personnaly never stay there but stay in a cafe to pay 50 LE for a 10 LE coffee !! come on =)!!