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Sunday, April 25, 2010

680) Personal ::: Being Lazy !

Everyday I go to sleep and wish that I will wake up full of energy, but I wake up as if I haven't slept in weeks!
I eat well, go to the Gym 3 or 4 times per week, I love my work, and I am not lazy by nature, but I feel soooooooo lazy for the last couple of months. I am overwhelmed by doing nothing although I haven't been than busy in years... I am really not excited about doing anything!
Why? Any help?


Ze2red said...

and you have been wondering at Ibhog's why everybody is feeling so down and frustrated with April, actually with 2010 all in all. Looks like you joined the club a while ago.

Sorry, no answers for the help calling, looks like you are not stuck alone.

Mohaly said...

It is killing ya ze2red
and knowing that you have the same thing make it even worse
This is one of the very few challenges that I find myself surrendering and not fighting it.

yesterday someone hit my car from behind and although it wasnt a simple one, i didnt even bother to see what happened and just drove as if nothing happened.

INDIFFERENCE is killing me..

saralona said...

i thinku r suffering from the boredom and need something new in ur life 2 like waking up 4 it . asl ana keda 3la fekra kol magy a2om a2ol maho mafesh haga gdeda htet3ml 3shn teshg3ny eny a2om :D:S:S

nourita said...

take holiday?

gjoe said...

اللهم إنى أعوذ بك من الهم و الحزن و أعوذ بك من العجز و الكسل ، و أعوذ بك من الجبن و البخل ، و أعوذ بك من غلبه الدين و قهر الرجال

رضيت بالله ربا ، و بالإسلام دينا ، و بمحمد صلى الله عليه و سلم نبيا و رسولا
سبحان الله و بحمده عدد خلقه ، و رضا نفسه ، و زنه عرشه ، و مداد كلمته
بسم الله الذى لا يضر معه إسمه شيئ فى الأرض و لا فى السماء و هو السميع العليم

Awel mats7a :)

Mohaly said...

saralouna: i am bored 110% for sure, but this time it is much worse, it is deep inside, i am usually very strong in self-management but i simply became "I don't care person"

nourita: Holiday is a good idea but wont be able to before last week of July.

Gjoe: that is a good dua3 i used to say i should do it again..

Noblese said...

Maybe you just need a 'sweet nothing to do' without having any bad feelings about it?! Time out ...

insomniac said...

mmm, it sounds to me you're down... if you don't know why you're down, it could be depression...

i know i wasn't of great help, but it IS depression season, trust me :)

Nerro said...

Go out of your way, do something different, even if you didn't like it, you will definitely something out of it.

Mohaly said...

Noblese I guess you are close to what i need. i need time out of everything even the people and things I like.

Juka said...

How I wish I could claim I had no idea what you are talking about. Sadly I relate big time.

Only advise I could give you is based on personal experience. I bought a guitar. I'm now spending every living minute that I'm awake and not at the office playing it (or more like learning to play it). I enrolled in a class, so now I have one day a week to look forward to all week.

I've been wanting to learn the guitar for years. Finally getting to do it is beyond words.

Look for something like that. A hobby you never fully perused, a class you were always meaning to take. Something you can really get passionate about.

Best of luck!

Ze2red said...

hmmm... every time i hear the word INDIFFERENCE and i get to digest the word, i hate it even more. When did we become like that?!

and regarding the car, the same thing happened to me yesterday, but it was my fault actually, i forget to pull my hand breaks when i parked, which is something i rarely do, because i'm used to it, i even most of the time forget and pull it when i park behind someone (ta3wod) and yesterday i was too distracted that i found my car moving, and i just stood there watching it till it hit a wall. And i didn't even bother to see what happened, i unlocked the car, pulled the hand breaks then walked away.

Hope it passes soon.

Anonymous said...

I think I won't add anything of use either - 2010 has quite dismantled me e7l ..

But I've found some slight distractions in reading, it was contended for at first, bass gradually it became medicine.

I second Juka btw, you can always hunt down some hobby you've always wanted to nurture keda ..

we fe haga mohemma, I guess someone's begrudging you in a way 'makhboot 3en gamda', look in the eyes around you and avoid some (fe nas beteb2a 3ayza el 7ar2).

hmm ..

I hope all this would pass for all of us soon isA ..

BaTaBeeT said...

it's the cloud alright :D
i feel the same.. i even tell my bf sometimes.. no matter what you do no matter where we go I'm not gonna enjoy it... so let's go wherever

we're depressed, down, totally pessimistic... we lost even the hope to expect to be happy...


Rawanies said...
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E N G Y said...

I realte to ur post!!..seems that everybody else feel the same!!

I'm force myself to get out of this mood, but nothing helps.

This indifferece mood is killing me too. I had excatly the same with my car, and exactly did the same..did NOTHING..didn't even bother to get out of the car..the guy came to my window and said "I'm sorry, whatever u want"..I even couldn't reply!!

For me, I know the reason behind all this..I beleive that knowing the reasons for the problem is 50% of its solution..know why u feel this way..then u might know how to get out of it dear friend.

Anonymous said...

اخبار الجيم ايه لسه بتروح ولا بتكسل زى حالاتى انا بقالى 4 شهور مش بروح لا بجد الجيم بيفرق جدا محتاجه انظم وقتى شويه عن كده
work life balance

Sohad said...

Very interesting to acknowledge that the human mind is always looking for a reason! Sometimes a why question remains with no answer and we are left with the How to get out? Why could be 2ebtela2 wee 2e7'tebar men rabena.. Akeed do3a2 el ham wel 7ozn was there for a reason :))
We need to act to stay motivated, get inspired to sustain the uplifting spirit..expect to be down and train yourself to get out if it! This is life and we have been always taking the road less travelled;))) life is great and rewarding if we know how to read between the lines, if we know how to dance with it in the moment and stop analyzing details. Focus on the meta view

Mohaly said...

So u wanna say .. "el 7ayah 7elwa leli yefhamha"

Sohad said...

ياللي بتسأل عن الحياة خدها كده زي ما هي فيها أبتسامة و فيها أه فيها أسية وحنيه