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Monday, May 31, 2010

692) Challenging Yourself - Episode 1 !

"It is an irony of life that satisfaction and security are the enemies of excellence."

While I was preparing to start a new series about the previous sentence and continue talking about changing our minds, I found my friend & Blog reader Mai posting a great video for one of the reputable Egyptians; Wael El Fakharany, about the "Discomfort of the Comfort Zone". So I decided to share the Video with you and add to it how to get out of your comfort zone.

I have -more or less- made choices close to what Wael did in my life. After having a reputable post, being engaged with a multinational company, having a good salary, I decided to leave all that and work independetly. My family was against me, everyone was wondering about me leaving this warm area, the dream of every man, some people even told be that is "battar 3ala el Ne3ma (not accepting God's blessing)". Actually this didnt stop me, but made me wanting to challenge them and myself more. And now after 5 years, the same people are congratulating me and saying that I was  right, and wondering how did I manage to do all that and match between teaching at AUC, corporate training, consulting, writing, and travelling. It wasnt, isnt, and wont be easy. I will tell you a secret, that is not the end, I am still midway through, and when I done, khalas, next chapter of my life will start EVEN if from scratch.
The thing I may bet Wael for is being the happiest one with his job, I am in love with my job to the extent that I didnt get married "3ashan mageblehash dorra"; just kidding.
By the way, it doesnt have to be the colon, it can be any irritation in the body :)

So in the next 4 Episodes I will be talking about how to move from the comfort zone covering the following:
1. Preparing Yourself.
2. Pushing Yourself & Others.
3. Dealing with Success.
4. Adjourning Yourself.

P.S> Special thanks to Wael El Fakharany for the session, and Mai for the link.


Ahmed said...

beautiful :)

gjoe said...

Thanks A LOT ya Mohaly!

Both YOUR Experience and Wael's are giving me a push to JUMP OUT of my comfort zone!

Am quitting my teaching assistant job
in college and applying for other jobs in the midst of the recession, going against all odds!

Just the thought of this is giving me a thrill I hadn't have experienced ever since I got hired as a TA 3 years ago :D

So Thanks AGAIN MAN, New Gjoe is grateful!

kochia said...

موضوع ملهم اوي
انت اضفت ليومي النهارة بقراءتي للموضوع وبرؤية الفيديو ده

Mohaly said...

That is music to my ears guys. Thank you for reassuring me that I am doing the right thing in this blog.
Keep following the episodes, and let's spread such culture.

Mohaly said...

Gjoe: best of luck but keep your balance, pessimistic when planning, optimistic when implementing.

ayouya said...

Looking forward to reading your episodes. However, sometimes it's not only enought to move from your comfort and warm zone, it's more or less about the space you may have to do what you're aiming to do...

amina said...

yes mohaly, and yes wael
you are role models for the rest of us
thank you

Samy said...

Thank You for sharing and ooking forward to

Samy said...

the rest of episdoes

Sara said...

It's nice to share such experiences
I took a decision of resigning from my job even before finding another one and all people around me kept pushing for not taking this action, and i am satisfied with my decision although it was hard but I am hoping to be able to find what I want.
Thank you, you are one of the rare people that I've seen accepting this and it was very supporting and motivating :)

Mohaly said...

That is a whole point of sharing ya Sara to know that there are always different people who different views and actions and they do succeed to.

Being a professional strategist has taught me that there are always more than one right way to reach your goal.

Be Yourself http://mohaly.blogspot.com/search/label/Being%20Yourself

Shabib said...

really thank you for this blog and this video is magnificent ...but what you will not imagine god said in the holy talk لقد خلقنا الإنسان فى كبدand this means that god create us to work and suffer cause the comfortable zone should be in heaven ..!!

Mohaly said...

That is very true, and I am sorry for being late in writing the rest of episodes. Khaleed Saeed's issue plus my intensive travels these days are taking my attention.

sohad said...

it's when you believe in yourself, and ready to take risk with faith.
sometimes, we have to jump of the cliff and build our wings on the way down.your words are very assuring. thank you