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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

693) No one will stop Israel ?!

I really don't know what is the right thing to do in order to save humanity from those Sadistic people who enjoy killing of the innocent then claim that they were attacking them in the international waters!!!

Israel rulers know that they will do whatever they want and no one will stop them. Isn't that disappointing!

It seems that everything is forced on us starting from our political regime down to the daily chit chatting of the talk shows..

in a mood mesh 3aref awsefo,


amina said...

unfortunately yes
the thing is, why is the US that explicit in defending israel even when it is condemned from everyone?

Anonymous said...


Salama said...

What should be done now
Aid from allover the world goes to Gaza through Egypt , Egypt should open the Gates and the passages to Gaza to all who want to help the Gazans , passages agreaments with Israel can go to hell even if it will be the war , to die with the weapon in the hand for our honors better than to die with heart attack watching what's going on in front of our eyes , Israel doesn't respect any agreaments or any international laws why should we ?? let's join Turky in their action , let's forget our internal problems and to be hand in hand no matter which relegion or which colore ..... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Ahmed said...

Turkey has cooperated with the State since its recognition of Israel in 1949. Relations between Turkey and Israel took a downturn, however, after the former's condemnation of Israel after the 2009 Gaza War.

Sara said...

We are all in such mood and i am very sorry that what we are able to do is just criticizing
We should have an organized plan to be achieved that includes politicians, institutions, media and people not only to deliver our point to the world but more importantly to take positive & powerful actions to defend our position and our right...

I don't know why no matter what Israel does, the world is accepting them and at the end we are the evil part?!! different regimes come and go and the world is having the same position of supporting Israel!!!!

I think we should stop taking the weak side and truly believe in our case, and our capabilities to be able to draw the world's attention to Israel's inhumanity by taking the right positions and not surrendering(and i think Turkey is a good example)

Mohaly said...

Turkey's action came on both government and people levels.
The government there represents the will of the people (remember the legendary reception of the Prime Minister after he quit Davos last year).

What can we do as individuals? Is it really nothing?!

sara said...

nothing will happen

sara said...

nothing will happen

Sara said...

you can see individuals try to do anything 3ashan yerdo damerhom better than nothing, yeb3ato aids (while they are not sure it will be delivered), sign petitions (and they know that the US will use veto), join mozahrat..they have no clue what to do more

Anonymous said...

Rachil Currie