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Saturday, February 9, 2013

838) Do you Progress into Success ?!

A wise man once said: "In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure."

Have you ever thought about how to you know that you are successful or not? or How can you feel satisfied about yourself and your life regardless what job you are doing? .... I find many people in Egypt having a perception that success is having a good position in a big company and getting a big salary !! I find people prisoners of this one track-minded success. Success is not a position, nor the name of the employer, nor the amount of money you make. Success is a state of mind and a life-style where we are in-tune with what we do, want, and have.

Whether you had or hadn't thought about it, let me introduce some guides and measures that I compiled -and added to from my personal journey and findings- that may help you through understanding SUCCESS.

You are successful If:

1. You have a mission of what you are doing and a vision of why you are doing it, and a strategy of how you will be achieving it. This will be your guideline and benchmark in any future plan, risk, or decision. "Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success."
Swami Vivekananda 

2. You consider accomplishment a commitment not just a promise or a dream. You work hard, study, and try once, and twice till you reach what you want. "Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome." Booker T. Washington 

3. You think about the solutions not the problem, and try always to find unconventional ways and ideas. Successful people turn problems into challenges, and challenges into opportunities and act upon them. "Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure." 
George Edward Woodberry 

4. You enjoy doing what you do and don't feel the time passing. I.e. you are inspired and motivated."Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally." David Frost 

5. You take the lessons from the past, and use it to enjoy the present and realistically plan the future. "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."
Winston Churchill 

6. You know what you say and when. "Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another. "
Napoleon Hill 

7. You know what you are doing and assertive about it no matter what. Everybody is unique and has his own recipe of success.  "Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. " Bruce Lee

8. You do help others and not expect help from them, and remember that you can't please them all.

9. You put yourself in others shoes and treat them the way you wanna be treated regardless of their level.

10. Last and not least, if you have solid values and are sticking to it. "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." Albert Einstein 

So how many have you got out of 10?



lobna said...

Is that raising the bar for yourself and us ? :)

Mohaly said...

no, I am actually trying hard to fulfill them all.

You didnt answer my question, kam men 10 did u get?

lobna said...

Ironically 9 lol , U ?

Lobna said...

on second thought : 8 :)

Mohaly said...

9.9 :)

heba souka said...

never think before any thing u know me. never learn from the past. so i think 8 .

NAMES said...

Good morning all,

Nice post ya Mohaly.

As for me,someone once asked me "draw yourself"...I find myself drawing a person going up Stairs.

al7amdulelah, i am internally satisfied as I accomplished certain goals from my short term goals. My ambition drives me to dream and do my best to make my dreams become true and I usually start with an end in my mind but for the time being I postponed everything becoz i feel that i am frustrated, confused and sometimes i feel that i am waiting for something but don't know what!!! :( ...so i think I have a little problem with #1

I am a sort of person who has the passion for excellence to be unique.
I'm a task-oriented person and whatever task is, I always work hard and I make sure to get it done successfully....they say to me eny "7omar sho3'l" sorry for the expression but i dont get the bad meaning out of it i get the good one :)
I do believe in myself and believe in my hard work...
I'm passionately committed to producing high quality results. My inspiration and favorite quote in my life is "Good, Better, Best. never let it rest. until your good is better and your better is your best
I love to generate ideas to solve problems.
I always have the initiative to do anything even without rewards.
I always keen to have very good relations with people. and to treat them with the same respect & kindness that I deserve for myself
I am trying to learn from my mistakes and sometimes from other's mistakes and experience as well.
I am seeking to exceed other’s expectation from me.

And the main reasons behind all these things are my positive attitude, confidence, my principles and values " Al7amdulelah"....I see myself like that.

So after all these i think i got 9 or 9.5 out of 10...wala eih? :)

Anonymous said...

I wont answer your question directly, but i will answer on each point. some of them i meet, while in others i am complete looser. sometimes it is out of my hand to control, like for instance i apply for a job and dont get selected for it. so how would you rate that?
1. yes. have a mission of finding a job and keeping to the demands thereof.
2. yes, accomplishments are committment. i am a perfectionist.
3. yes. however, sometimes i dont succeed.
4. yes, i enjoy leaning soemthing new, so i dont freak out of trying new working fields.my studies make me flexible to adopt to different fields.
5. yes. as much as possible enjoy what i do today and consider tomorrow a future to be dealt with when arrives.
7. yes to the first one, no to the second one. i know what i do, but no, often i dont have the luxury of being assertive and choose where to work and what to do.
8.yes. i help if asked, and love to work independently, but dont feel ashamed to ask for help when i need.
9. yes. as much as possible.
10. yes. although they are very old fashioned.people dont believe it, actually.

so, where do you think i stand in this evaluation?

Mohaly said...

Heba: Lool

Mohaly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mohaly said...

Maryam, why am I not surprised, I think 9.9 :)

Mohaly said...

Eih ya kolo ya Asmaa ... but inspite of all that, I dont read satisfaction between the lines !!

NAMES said...

Mana started with "al7amdulelah, i am internally satisfied" it is not enough wala eih?!

Anonymous said...

if you think i scored 9:9, why do i feel as a looser then?
laterly i took over a new task, actually since September. i have done my best, but horribly failed. well, i am not a finance person. never studied finance or economy, and therefore lack the techs of it. i took it as a challange, but failed despite my trying. ya3ni not a complete failure, but not up to my standards nor the needs of the task.
bad feeling, but i am glad i tried it. if i wouldnt have accepted it, i would have wondered if i didnt miss a chance to learn something new.
so, am i a looser?

Mohaly said...

Asmaa: because u said that, I feel u r internally missing something to assure u of that..

Mohaly said...

Maryam: as long as u trying then u r successful .. I will consider u a loser when u give up.

Anonymous said...

well, I gave up on soemthing 3 years ago. and i dont feel a looser. i think it is important to know when to stop trying to reach soemthing. if it is not meant to be, then keep on trying would mean wasting of time, energy, resources and above all not having much faith in Allah's decision.
at least, this is how i see it.

Mohaly said...

u r right .. when i said give up, i meant giving up on your goal.

NAMES said...

what i meant is a feeling of inner peace and happiness when i do something that i always dream of having and love to do, or achieve something that i value.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we give up our goals as well n simply adopt what life offers.out of responsibility, need to eork or survive. Sometimes u need to give up on your dearesy dream.watcj it walking away from your path n cope with z pain until u finslly say ok, qadar allah wa mashaa fs3al

Mohaly said...

Allow me to disagree ya Maryam.. u may give up on a strategy or a small objective not a goal ... so if your goal is to live a happy stable life, you may have a strategy of getting married and having kids in order to achieve that goal. you may give up on marriage as a strategy for stability but u wont give up on your seeking of happiness and stability.

Anonymous said...

I’m not going to talk about myself I’ll talk about “HIM “. “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure” totally agree I do believe that fear is the worst motivator. I read your post yesterday but I decided not to answer the same day. I’d rather waited to hear good news about someone I really care about his successful story. He is very stubborn he felt that he is entrapped in his job. He decided to quit his job and I was very astonished why!!! you are in a reputable company and got a very high salary but he told me what I got dose not satisfy what I want , there is something missing he even told me about career break I told him that he should join another job before he quite the answer was very strange to me at that moment he told me that he needs some adjustment between what he got and what he really wants I didn’t get the point and i thought he has gone crazy this is very strange to me . He said I want to enjoy what I do , I have to love what I do in order to be motivated I need passion , his mindset was very strange for me . I always tell him your friends did so and so why don’t you try to do what they did , the answer was you should have your own successful story. He doesn’t do things right he always does the right thing. I believe that doing the right thing comes from his own vision that what he does should be in consistent with what he wants. . The second day he told me about Khaled Bichara speech on TEDxCairo and his concept about the secret sauce of success and you mentioned “ recipe of success” lol both of you have the same way of thinking link.net background . My friend insists on loving what he does i.e. passion to overcome any challenges. He used to tell me enjoy the challenges think out of the box, think about new solutions learn from other successful story don’t imitate what they did just think assume you have to be passionate about the idea and fight for it to come out to light . Think more about execution don’t waste your time in talking about what you want quantify your success to compare to measure it and make adjustment to be on the right path that lead to your vision .”success is a journey not a destination enjoy your journey” . i think he got 9 :)

Mohaly said...

I feel so happy when I meet or know about people like HIM

Anonymous said...

Ah, I got your point and agree with it. i didn't formulate my words in a correct way.

me too, would be happy to meet someone like HIM :-)

actually i met someone this way and worked closely with him for some time. and lately i saw one of his dearest and most daring dreams coming true. i was very happy to see it and as usual his eyes shone with enthusiasm and happiness when he talked about it.
He is Dr. Sherif Abdel Aziem, founder of Resala. and his alost impossible and dearest of all dream was "atfal elshawarae3". years ago everyone at the Ministery of Social affairs warned him to approach. now his dream is reality :-)

Mohaly said...

"We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit."
— Aristotle

Anonymous said...

Me too I feel so happy as I know someone like “YOU “ and met someone like him

Lobna said...

Anonymous ,

What you said rings a bell :)

Samar Gamil said...

I got 10 :)

ahmed el noshokaty said...

Great one buddy thanks for that :)

Mohaly said...

Samar: mashy ya 3am el gamed :)

Ahmed: you are welcome :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks lobna for your comment

Anonymous ,

Yasmin Sobhy :)

lobna said...

Good morning dear... I know :)

Anonymous said...

a question out of the blue: how do you convince yourself that you are successful: everyone around says you are, your work is going on well, you receive positive feedback from your boss.
sounds silly, i know.

Mohaly said...

Not silly at all ya Maryam, it is part of your success indicators:

1. When you feel that u r doing the right thing at the right time.

2. When you feel that others acknowledge you as successful and I mean by others; different people on different aspects.

3. When you feel the inner peace and gratitude regardless of how much u make or what position u have.

4. When there are numbers like Sales, profit, assessment..etc.

Anonymous said...

all points are there except for No. 3.
how do i convince myself that i am successful when all i can feel is being a failure?
i dont sound reasonable enough, i know.

Mohaly said...

by quantifying your assessment so that it turns from being subjective to being objective.

Lobna said...

Good morning dear Maryam,
I guess it is not that you don't feel successful, it is more related to how satisfied and good you feel about what you do.

We automatically translate n relate success with feeling happy or content.

I guess after awhile of getting used to our work n excelling in doing it....our comfort zone gets so big...we miss new challenges. May be there is a part of you that seeks to do something different or needs to be fulfilled. At least, this is what came to my mind as I read ur sentences.

Sometimes we just feel it, not rationally but we just sense it especially if you are passionate about your work.

Have a great day my dear

Anonymous said...

Good morning my dear Lobna
i took a new challange last September and moved to a totally new area of work. new as from A-Z.
now i got the assignement to do translation related to my work as well, which i actually love.
next week i am moving a level further and accepted an assignement as simultan translator for a training course in the field of furniture:painting and lacking techniques.
one challange after the other and all is working well. so i get the feedback from my manager.
the only comfort zone for the time being is being single and not changing that. otherwise i am in continious change on all levels. even health.
but i still feel lost.
have you ever felt you need someone to hold you tight and just listen to your cries?

Mohaly said...

Maryam ... ya Maryam

You are a precious soul ... I hate to see you feeling lost.

Can you at least decide that you are happy and will live it to the max for a single weekend and see what happens.

We are all willing here to hold you tight and listen to you and help you but please dont surrender to the "lost" feeling abadan ..

Through this blog you can see how many times I had fallen and stood up again in the past 6 years .. Dont give up, it is not an option.

May be you are single coz no one deserves you .. yet ;)

Lobna said...

Dear Maryam,

very impressive darling.....and btw Im an interpreter, so if u need any tips with ur challenge, don't hesitate :)

I know what you are talking about. I may be even more lost than you !

I haven't admitted to anyone....and Im struggling to bounce back.

For me, it just seems so noisy n consuming (what's happening these days n Im too involved emotionally to the extent I can't breathe.

My delimma is that in order to start feeling okay n maintain my inner balance I need to detach abit while i believe it is now or never. We should all stand up together 3ala kalb ragolen wa7ed. It will save so many souls if we are so many with one unified stance.

I don't know what to say....just know dear: you are not alone...each is struggling with something. What I just told u is just the tip of an iceberg....We just need to keep moving even when we don't like it at all.

I was just thinking what a difficult job to try to break ur mind patterns of thinking....your inner mechanism.....!

I miss my old "peace of mind" status.

Im here.....keep talking to me

We can be Lost together (for awhile) :D

Anonymous said...

thank you for the kind words, ya doctor.

i am single bc of my own decision. maybe too comfort to change that. it is the only stable thing in my life right now.

this weekend, hopefully i am having a small surgery that might help recover from the abscess i have been carrying for 3 months now. it doesnt respond to any antibiotics or treatements.
so inshaa Allah i will be better after the "cut through" :-)

the tight hug is very much needed. thank you all.

i dont know if i am surrounding or i just need a break from being strong. i know everyone has their own personal fight that they have to go through and cope with. taht's why i never complain nor even talk about.
so thank you so much for the kindness of listening to my sobs. :-)

Mohaly said...

Alf Salama 3aleeky ...

as I wrote on my Facebook yesterday: We don't have to be sad to feel like crying .... Sometimes we cry in order not to be sad.

Anonymous said...

ya Lobna you are interpreter. so you know the feeling of being stuck with a word that you can't decide which way to reproduce it with. i love what i do, and always loved reading bc it teaches me new expressions and word combinations next to the content of the book itself. so elhamdollah what i do right now is a great relief as "work".

for quiet soemtime now i am deattached from what is happening around the country. i simply needed the break and didnt have much energy to spend on this area. until just 2 days ago when i saw the poor young batata-seller in Tahrir square shot. all i can feel is anger and disappointment and sadness for an innocent boy killed.who on earth got the heart to shoot him? how could he got the heart to? even if he was a gang-member, he is just a kid.nothing justifys killing him. nothing at all.
damn them all fighting for the ruler chair and not giving a damn about such an innocent soul.
how would they justify this to Allah when they meet him?

Anonymous said...

Allah yesalemak :-)
maho i keep crying to get it out, otherwise something worse will happen.
and i eat chocolate. replace almost all meals with chocolate.
dont laugh, it helps. :-)
thank you for caring and listening. i appreciate your kind gesture so much. :-)

i knwo through the history of the blog some of what you went through. as said earlier, i know everyone has his own battle to fight and come through with less possible losses, so i dont complain.

thank you again. begad, so grateful to you.

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