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Saturday, March 2, 2013

841) Not Just A Blog ... !

It is that time of the year where I celebrate the anniversary of most precious companion "MOH@LYICS" that was "born" on February 27th 2007; i.e. it has just turned 6 !

This blog has played an important role in my life during the past 6 years, it is one of the reasons that I am still keeping my mental and psychological sanity -so far-. It has started after some major incidents on the personal and the professional level accompanied by lots of challenges that was either beaten or contributed to whom I am today.

Since then the blog has witnessed some of the major incidents in my life and in the country as well. It became like a wife that I haven't got married to, a son that I haven't had, a real best friend that I haven't got, and a psychiatrist that help me to get through life. It penetrated deep within me with all its discussions, genuine feelings, thoughts, guides, ...etc. It is ALIVE.

Although the number of posts are getting much less as I am only posting one a week (usually on Saturdays), but I can feel the amount of interaction, depth of conversation, and overall benefit is getting much deeper. This wouldn't have happened except with the great contribution of the blog FAMILY.

Many readers have joined and commented in the blog, and some of them had real impact on it; like Tamer Mokhtar who was the one who pushed me to publish my thoughts, Spot Local Team, Group 61 AUC, Lubna, Asmaa, Nermeen, Sarah, Ibrahim, Yasmine(s), Fatima, the unforgettable Mona, and many others who kept coming and going over the years. However, there is one reader whom I consider the 2nd Establisher of the Blog, someone who challenged me to get the best out of me, a reader whom without her I would have stopped writing in 2012; the year that witnessed my greatest depression ever and where I stopped writing for more than 3 months. I think it is not hard to guess who she is .... Maryam :)

Happy Anniversary my lovely blog family, and I am sorry that I thought of closing it one day..


P.S. Still Miss Egypt in Bikinis -posted in 2009- having by far the highest viewership ever ... Mafeesh fayda, you can't ever compete with a post with some nudity, no matter how important the other posts are about !


Anonymous said...

I thought you wouldnt celebrate it and felt it would be a bad onamen for the blog.ya3ni, late is better than never.:-)
I don't deserve such lovely words, as i did nothing.the effort and fighting was all yours. I am really proud of you-if i can say so.
Throughout the posts and most comments thereof i felt a real life and genuine care and mutual respect between you and your readers, wich i appreciated. It was an important reason tht kept me here.
When i joined i was happy to find someone i could talk to in respect.and when you stopped writing i could imagine the impact such a silence would have on your soul.
I sincerely hope you'd never stop.you should know thst your words touch oyhers lives even when its just talks.
Many of your readers i noticed are your students.for sure your posts educate them ss much as your classes.this alone should be a motivaton for you to go on.i am sure uou agree with me about the importance of education nowadays.

I dont know how to thank you enough for your words.never stop writing and always know that you have here people who love you.otherwise they won't stick like glue keda :-D

Anonymous said...

The post of miss egypt isnt the one i keep resding. Its the one contributed to your grandmother and your niece.
Sorry to disappoint you :-D

Mohaly said...

and you are doing it again and agian now :)

Mohaly said...

yes post 600, one of my favorites ever.

Lobna said...

Good morning,

As I read ur words, I felt like it is vice versa. We have to thank you as well for sharing so honestly the thoughts on ur mind, for being the voice in our heads and for creating such blog that when I feel down I just visit n read various posts and it always helps !

This post is not a wife, friend, son to u...I believe , you were searching for a metaphor to say that it is Alive, creative, Changing, and intimate.....

It is you in the mirror throughout time......

I feel it is a "rebirth" more than anniversary of the blog ....like the one you had recently.

Dear dear maryam......you have added depth and color to the discussions that I for one was happy to read n ponder upon.

I would like to think of this blog and its readers as survivors against all odds.

I was sad when you stopped writing n told u but deep down I was confident u will start writing again one day…..cause I believe writing is part of who u are n you love it so it is innate you can't just ignore that……u just needed time….Once you told me the most precious thing one could give to another is time, I would like to add either away or with cause sometimes ppl need time , space to evolve n even exceed your expectations as well as theirs.

It is time of Rebirth n it is a healthy sign that we are Alive not just living

Anonymous said...

This post is one of the clearest situation of how Allah compensates our losses in a merciful way.his hand works mericles, only our eyes often dont see them.this is what i love most about it. What you regard as pure personal incient is inspiring to others.
This is what i meant when i said dont stop writing. You might help others even by sharing your pain.

Anonymous said...

Lovely morning to you Lobna :-)
You put it in best way.yes, the best here was that you could see the human being side of the writer in all posts. And yes, through writing and sharing readers here could benefit, learn and communicate. That is why literature -or writing in general- added a wonderful value to humanity.

Thank you dear for the kind words. I did nothing more than what other readers do, respond to the author's thoughts. I am happy to know i wasn't dull person and the colors i added weren't ugly. You guys shower me with attention and kindness that make me blush. Literally.

NAMES said...

Happy blog anniversary...i really enjoy reading your posts and your great thoughts that added values to our our life...and I gree with you ya lubna it is vice versa, we encourage Mohaly not to stop writing as we need it as well.
Maryam you deserve what he said about you begad...believe me or not sometimes I wanna add some comments but when I read yours I have nothing to say or add more than what you said specially you sort it out in a very nice way...I am very glad to meet you here.
Mohaly, I am very proud for considering me one of your supports. Thank you.
wishing many more wonderful years of blogging to you and many more success in your personal and professional life.

Mohaly said...

:) :) :) :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Asmaa, Thank you so much.this is very flattering, 3ala fekra. I woild be more than happy with your comments on my words.its what i call communication. I am sure you have much to add.so please :-)
Ameen to your prsyers, dear. We all join here.

Anonymous said...

Ma3naha eih el smilies di kolaha ya doctor?

Anonymous said...

27/1 - 27/2 – 27/3 ….18/5 Very remarkable dates do like this number “27” …. Happy birthday to your child yeah u r right I felt that this blog is ur child he is 6 years now 27/2/2007. When I started reading it one thing comes to my mind that mix between western mentally and eastern feelings (very sensitive, passionate, and very sincere if HE LOVES ). I fell that this causes conflict to u but you know I really liked this mix. You experienced great change inside but I feel it is a good positive one. Your posts have a great impact on me you taught me how to respect other’s opinion even if I don’t agree you taught me how to adore this country . You taught me things I will never ever forget. I’m very grateful to you “that moment when …….:P” even this one . Your posts always touch our heart there are certain posts I read more than one time. Some time I cried because of the overflow of powerful feelings ur post touch deeper area in our mind some time you wrote what I was thinking about you know I dedicate half an hour 50 dollar :D reading ur posts sometimes I laugh awiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sometimes I read posts and I feel very shy : … IN ………. IS LIKE SALARY TO A JOB... It may not be the most important aspect, but you can’t work without it … is something that they should both enjoy and reinforce their relation through. LOOL ya lahwatiiiiiiiiiii ..:D Enta 3alamy walahii. You are not one person sometime full of contradiction me too very frank and very simple but remember that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication . Your reader share with you ur happiness & ur sorrow.
Do you remember when I told you that whenever I have an issue I go through ur blog and I used to find a reasonable logic answer ….and I really like comments and the discussions that enrich and add values . I noticed something ba2a every post you wrote even that one about management has to do with love I don’t know why ???? Although you succeed in everything ma shaa Alah but I feel that you still miss IT that’s why you are not satisfied. Life is not fair and we all miss things. Don’t rush things don’t regret or lament anything. Search for something that can make u happy TODAY I believe that we shouldn’t Waite for tomorrow to be happy. For me I want to enjoy every stage in my life even my setback this is life it is a whole package ups and downs
when you listen to a song I can see ur eyes the kindest heart have experienced the most pain that’s why I wish you will find your soul- mate to share ur life and fill gap . that special one who can get what you wanna say although you don’t utter any word this is not a myth sometime we search so hard for words to interpret the language of our heart and the unspoken bond we feel at the end we left with nothing but silence … deep down we hope it’s understood ( soul-mate post )
The strange thing ba2a although your DEEP search for love you are afraid of it you even have such immunity of love  you know ur key words are tenderness , love , respect you need someone that hold you like a child u spend so much time looking for pure sincere love you are so romantic and as I said won’t be a traditional husband and she has to love you to bear your lovely nature :p . You said that you wrote this blog for a certain purpose and only one person know this reason MR I know the name BTW :P . You used to write to reveal what is in ur mind deeper area I can’t image that you will stop writting please don’t ur reader waite what you gonna write ever Saturday please don’t think about it again and see all ur readers are willing to give you support . We need to be strong enough to fight instead of giving up and run away “The true measure of a man is not how he behaves in moments of comfort and convenience but how he stands at times of controversy and challenges.” And you proved you are a TRUE man; you overcame such challenges u r very strong ya Mohaly 

Mohaly said...

Happy with my virtual family :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite posts ba2a are: I will classify into categories ok :
Favorite: 838 , 835 , 833 ;) 826 , 811 ,,799,,,785 …..778) Ana Manfa3sh 3arees !!! lol …774,758…735) what it takes for Career Breaks! 706…676 when I read it I felt that you are someone else … the vision series …..651) Personal ::: Would You Marry Me?!,,611,,,,591,,,,580) Will Egypt turn into a Theocratic Country?! This excalty what happen now ..553….525,,,524 to7fa…498…492..486 after 5 years I want you to answer the question …..Managing vacation series …449 “To discover new oceans you need the courage to lose sight of the shore." Very deep …437 (Molokhoia, Koshari, Ta3meya)  …425…412 I liked it awiiiiiiiiiii

The most outstanding one: 734): Noor aka Tooti !!! ,,, 668) No Hard Feelings -Eps.3- Men Buttons!,,,,, 650) Personal ::: "Being Myself" on my Birthday!! ….600) Tribute to Life & Death; Tooti & Didi ! I like this pic awii holding NOOR..576…568) Love & Signs! …560….526……500) Tribute to .... My unknown family!! Aahhhhhhh I adore this post I feel speechless when I read it I even cried …..486) Zaman Wana Soghayar!

You know your words keep me moving. We are hindered by our thoughts beliefs that prevent us to see life from positive perceptive. We shouldn’t be surround by any negative feelings any more .Things sometimes are out of our grasp but we should have that faith in God . Faith That Whatever You Ask, It Is Already Done...Ask & Believe. One day our thoughts do become TURE. May God bless you with good HEALTH, WEALTH, PROSPERITY and lots and lots of LOVE :) …”WHAT IS LIFE WITHOUT UR BLOG “
BTW I need a copy “Forgotten wealth “where I can get one
Thanks alot ya Dr . Mohamed :)

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see you smiling again.
Practice more often :-)

Mohaly said...

Yasmine, you are almost making a study about the blog !!

I actually cant realize how did I write 840 articles/posts !!!

Mohaly said...

I love 7s .. (7,17,27,37,..etc)..

27 of Jan I didn't choose it to be my birthday
27 of Feb was just a coincidence as I was sitting in the office in Hurghada and Tamer pushed me to open the blog then.
27 of March was a speech for Bashar el 2ashad and I was provoked by the word kella mondassa and established the group..

so I like 27 but all the dates was pure co-incidence..

Mohaly said...

I didnt know that such thoughts have such impact on other people ...

I have been writing since I was 12 years old (quarter of a century now) but it took me years to publish my writings in public ..

I had some few experiences in School Magazine as the Chief Editor, and articles at AUC Newspaper (Caravan), and Alumni Maganize. In addition (believe it or not) I used to write movie critiques and social reportage to "Cairo Cafe" website (that turned to be yallabina.com afterwards)..

As for the book, I never published it, and I keep on re-writing it !!! The hardest book ever is your first, I hope it can see the light one day..

Anonymous said...

Study lol yes I made a study about this blog I really considered it as MINE …. I spent half an hour daily for two years I even memorized certain posts do you remember when I told you why don’t you publish it . I collected what you wrote .

Yeah I know that you like 7s you write post about it and I liked it the dates was pure co-incidence “serendipity “ what about 18/5 !!!!! lol and the 1st of July ????

You know your thoughts have great impact believe it or not I didn’t take a decision and I waited till I read ur blog 320) Choosing Job Matrix! .See to that extant you have such impact (please don’t ever think about stop writing) I really wish everyone to read what you wrote ...

I’m not surprised about what you said about writing you have that talent of an artist you wrote what you feel that why what you wrote touches our heart. I know that the 1st book is the hardest one but I’m sure it will be a great one finish it ba2a I’m very anxious about it. The title draws my attention awiiiiiiiiiiii “ forgotten wealth “ Isn’t it strange that I know about ur book you haven’t finish yet are you sure you didn’t mention anything about it … very wired ..I’m sure you wrote something about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any way I wish I will be the 1st reader

I studied criticism I’ll criticize ur book and it will be a constructive one . You know something I used to write very short comment but recently and after reading your posts I tend to write long comment I don’t know why ????!!!!!!

Mohaly said...

oh 30 mins everyday for 2 years!!!!! That means you have spent 15 full days in the last 2 years on the blog! No wonder you know it better than me!

As for 1/7 just many important and pleasant stuff happened on that day so ba2t batafa2al beeh.

Eih 18/5 dah?!!! da 7ata mafeehoosh sab3a (unless you added all the numbers and divided them by 2).

Anonymous said...

i was just checking the July-posts.
some interesting thoughts you had back then.
one made me laugh: the tahyees morakaz.
nothing wrong with it. you should write part 3.
i didnt find part 1 3ala fekra :-)

Anonymous said...

Knowing the blog more that you do lol . 15 full days reading your blog NO I spent 15 full days reading ur mindset probing into your personality reaching deeper area in ur mind u really deserve dedicating my precious time but the positive impact you have on me is much precious than the time spent. 18/5 ;)

Mohaly said...

Maryam, Part 1 http://mohaly.blogspot.com/2007/06/202-tahyees-morakkaz.html

Anonymous said...

la2, la2, la2. how did i skip this post?
parts of it made me laugh.
it is not taheeys. it is when things get tooo heavy to bear. its like laughing hysterically when hearing an old joke like "مرة واحد جه يقعد على قهوة قعد على شاي.
thank you for the morning smile.

Anonymous said...

i am happy you decided to keep the blog.
it was the right decision :-)

Anonymous said...

Good moring all , i wish u all happy and nice day .Tayhees series I really liked it awii but yes I felt that when you wrote it there is something popping into your mind. Somtimes we write to understand ourselves “ knowing ourselves is the beginning of all wisdom “ , or when we feel that we are unable to cope or understand things , people around us the more we read and write the more we become more sensitive and unable to read things or have explanation about what is going on at least this exactly what happen to me . These days I have very strange feeling ; I have such sense of humor and I really like to enjoy and be happy to the max I used to say “ happiness to the max “ I don’t know why ???? Still I feel that I want to shrink and even afraid ...

Mohaly said...

The weird thing that I stopped writing any Tahyees since the revolution ... may be coz life in Egypt is a continuous series of ridiculous stuff and ridicule people, and Tahyees is a way of life now not an exception.

Anonymous said...

I think there is soemthing wrong with your computer ya Doctor. check the clock settings maybe?

what is happening is not taheeys. it is mixture of carelss and greedy ruling. you can add stupidity and political immaturity. there is a great bunch of lies as well.

Mohaly said...

Dont understand what is wrong with the clock?

Anonymous said...

sorry, i meant the time settings. when i checked the blog this morning both your comment and anon weren't there. i thought there is something wrong with my time settings and checked them, but everything is fine. so i thought of telling you to check yours.

or it might be some other technical problem with the posting time.

Anonymous said...

the idiots working in Electricity Ministry don't know that they should clean the sensors in the street lamps, so that it goes off automatically on dawn?
begad? I can't believe this!!!!!!!!

my colleague in the office is Energy expert and was just explaining this to one of his trainees. eih dah? THAT simple solution and none cares?

Mohaly said...

and u r surprized?!

Anonymous said...

Yes. No ya3ni disappointed. I thought it os something severe and costs fortune.
But tht simple? Haram ya3ni

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Sohad said...

Although I knew about the blog last week only, yet it became a corner stone in my life in such short period of time. The blog is a positive Anchor & I feel it's alive:)) happy anniversary and many many returns:)

Mohaly said...

You are most welcomed :))