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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Some of the blog readers has suggested that you (blog readers) send me some topics you want to raise or want me to talk about and we can discuss it together on the blog.

I am welcoming the idea, so if you have any topic/picture you want to share or want me to write about, please send me at mohaly.mail@gmail.com

Thank you,

P.S. I was sooo busy to think about April's fool! but in Egypt, anything can be true!!
Make a wish today is a geometrical sequence 02/04/08 :)


Shimaa Gamal said...

:) mesh la2ya something to wish for
when will be the next geometical sequence 3ashan a3mel 7esaby wala2y wish :)

I wish, actually I pray, en rabena ye3ady el donia di 3ala khier

Mohaly said...

next geometrical sequence in June 2018.
next arithmatical sequence in June 2009.

Shimaa Gamal said...

I guess I will have enough time to make a wishlist :)

Have a nice day :)

only love said...

hi all, how r u guys? i really missed you all and i'm back again :D bgd ya mohaly i missed reading ur topic's and writing my comments ely dayman ba3ok feha kal3ada :D
helwa fekret en ehna nekhtar el topic's dy. hafakr lek fy haga gamda wy a2ol lek ;)
wla a2olak ana 3ndy fekra mn embare7 a3da afakr feha. ba3d ma shoft el prog. el gded bta3 mostafa hosny. ana 3amatn wy nas kter keda bardo. ba3d ma asma3 7aga deny masln ab2a eh malak wy zay el fol wy msh b2ba 3yza a3ml ay haga ghalt. bas sebeny yomen ba2a keda mn gher ma asma3 7aga deny brga3 tany 3mla 3abeta ba2a ya3ny ab2a 3rfa en dy ghalt bas 3shan ana 3yza a3mlha ba3mlha wy khlas.
mn el akhr ely asdy 3lah en tol ma ana fy 7ad fo2 dmaghy byklmny 3an rbna bab2a kowayesa lakn law be3edt showaya barga3 tany aghlt a2wy zay ba3d ma bntla3 mn ramadan keda.

sa7e7 eb2o fakarony akhodko re7la bel sarokh bta3y ly el kawkab ely lesa sharyah orayeb :D bas fy 1 april el gay ;)
sorry for writing kol dah ya mohaly bas 3shan ba2aly kter msh katabt o2lt a3awadak ba2a :D

Mohaly said...

welcome back ya only love...wa7ashteena geddan, 3ayzeen neshofik fe kol post :)

only love said...

thanks a million ya mohaly ya sadeky :)
mana o2lt lek I'm back ba2a wy fedet leko tany hatla2eny fy kol 7eta :D