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Sunday, March 30, 2008

384) Moh@lyics Weekly - Eps 9!

Egypt - Argentina: The weird thing is that when we started to master the field, we were beaten! anyway, it was a good match but we could have done better.

Arab Summit: Doest worth wasting my time and commenting!

6 April: I really hope that people can make a difference on April 6th and it won't be another strike that is just covered by the opposition newspapers then kol wa7ed yerawa7 beto. The great thing will be if we DON'T BUY ANYTHING on that day even food, gas,..etc. to make a point, but not going to work doesn't make sense, I think we should go to work but have any obvious sign of strike (like Japanese people do). Again the difference will be through not buying anything.


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Shimaa Gamal said...

saba7 el fol :)
6 April: I agree with you, going to work wearing an obvious sign of strike is a better choice. We don't have to parallize Egypt. It is more than enough to decide not to buy anything in that day. Though I am not a believer in the Egyptians but I will wait and see what can they really do.
Bas the thing is, Egyptians who will decide to participate in that strike will start stocking up on the things they will decide not to buy. fa ya3ny .... hmmm
Again we will see :)