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Sunday, March 9, 2008

373) M.o.h.@.l.y.i.c.s Weekly! (Eps. 5)

American Elections: I think that if Clinton and Obama didn't team up at this stage as President-Vice, there will be a great possibility for another republican idiot to become the president and keep the Bush ideology running.

Sawiris: As I said here 1 year ago, this man knows how to succeed.. he is the 60th richest man on earth now with a 70,000,000,000 LE fortune (ma-shaa-Allah) and steadily heading to top 20!

Weather: I really became confused about the weather in Egypt, one day it is raining and 6 degrees, the other day it is hot like hell and 36 degrees in shadow! i.e. 7ar geddan sayfan, 7ar we bard ma baed shetaa2an!! El wa7ed maba2ash 3aref yelbesh eih!



Shimaa Gamal said...

Teftker, if they teamed up as president- vice, who will be running as president and who will settle for the second position?
The democrates are offering the Americans a historic president. Either the 1st female or the 1st African American.

About Weather, it is not winter anymore :) Now it is the ugly spring. Mesh 3arfa Salah Jahin kan fien lama katab el donia rabee3 wel gaw badee3, for God's sake da e7na balad el ramad el rabee3y :(

Mohaly said...

I think it will be logical if Hillary is the president and Obama is the vice (internal and global experience) at least for 1 term then Obama can run for president then!

Shimaa Gamal said...

If I can vote, I would have voted for that duet. I am not sure what the Americans think. They voted Bush twice!!