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Monday, March 24, 2008

381) Honna Al Qahira - Part XV - Don't Pee!!

Can any one please explain what is this sign doing on a micro bus?!!! I really tried to see the link between the sign and the bus but couldn't reach a conclusion except that people (mainly men as in the pic) do urinate ON or IN the micro bus, and they are not allowed to do that anymore!


omar said...

yemken el zabayeen 3ashan el zahma fel mowasalat be2o3odo fel bus beta3 talat arba3 sa3at fa beye3melloha 3ala ro7hom, 3sahan keda el sawa2 be2olohom e2melo peepee el a2wel then ride the bus!

amina said...

i think he is just decorating the bus, if u noticed he is putting NBA as well!