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Sunday, March 16, 2008

377) M.o.h.@.l.y.i.c.s Weekly! Esp. 7

Ahly & Zamalek:
I really cant see a better example of how management do have a great effect on the results than Ahly and Zamalek. El Ahly is not in its best form but is consistent in winning because of the stable and strategic management, while Zamalek is playing around the 5th place since the start of Dawry because of exactly the opposite. Bel Monasba, wa7ed yes2alnee, howa mawdou3 el 7adari ra7 feen, a2olo e2ra the next paragraph wenta tefham ;)

Kissing Kaman we Kaman:
It seems that this is the consistent policy of our government to keep us away of the real stuff that we should care about, after the KISS wala 7araj, now Mr.Gamal El Banna said that the 1st time in committing adultery is ok as long as it is not repeated!! Ana begad mesh 3aref a3mel eih, el7anee ya Titi!!!

AUC & Universities: I attended an event last week where 50% of the time the minister of higher eductation, and couple of university president were talking about AUC and how to be like AUC, what they need to know is that in order to see the Egyptian Universities like AUC they need ACTION not WORDS.

Speaking of AUC, I just joined this month the pool of AUC instructors for post-graduates degree. I am teaching "Strategic Management", so I am back to my beloved university :)

P.S. sorry Shaimaa I wasn't available in the morning, but le7e2t el Sunday weekly :)


omar said...

ahly: meen el zalamek dah

kiss: el ragel da 100%

auc: congrats ya man :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Mohaly
Kol lama el weekly eps. tet2akhar a2ool akeed sadro el 3adad :) bas kowayes enak le72t :)
As for Ahly & Zamalek, I guess if Zamalek couldn't figure out a way enoh yezabat el 7aga el bayza they will end up like el tersana or el me2awleen. You know zaman kan fi nas betshaga3 el tersana and it was a big team equal to ahly and zamalek bas bekh. ana ahlawya ah :) bas lw el zamalek ekhtafa mn 3ala sa7et el monafsa akeed haz3al. it really feels good beating the crap out of these guys :)

As for the kissing kaman we kaman :) a friend of mine just called me 3ashan te2oly el fatwa :) the girl was wondering tayeb lw awl mara ok, maza lw natag 3anha tefl :) wala el fatwa na2sa, en 1st time is ok as long as you are using protection :)
begad e7na el 7okoma beta3etna di dema3', wel sha3b elly howa e7na nas zay el fol, netla3 mn film el 7adary raye7 gy, nedkhol fi film el bos :) bas I guess en film el bos hay7a2a2 naga7 akbar :) le2n as Mahmood Sa3d once said fi el program el hadef el biet mesh bietak en el sha3b el masry ye7eb el aba7a, aywa e7na sha3b abee7 :) we 3ashan e7na sha3b abee7 ana mestanya el fatwa el gedeeda bekhsoos el tefl nateget el 3'alta beta3et awl mara. bas as a suggestion e7na nesameeh gamal 3ala esm 3amo el shiekh :)

As for the AUC and Universities, ana kont lessa ba7dar mona2shet masters degree fi handset ain shams, and I was about eny atkhane2 ma3 el ekhwa el professors el mafrood en el mona2sha fi el egyptian universities is a movie. ta7seel 7asel, le2n el wa7ed beykoon mekhalas sho3'l wel as2ela ta7seel 7asel we shaklyat. bas mesh ma3na enaha shaklyat en el lagna tekoon wa7ed feeha sar7an fo talabat el madam we 7ata didn't care enoh yegeeb noskhetoh mn el resala, wel tany beyl3ab fi el mobile we kol lama yegeloh telephone yekhrog yerod (as if mr. Bush was on phone) wel talet ba2a me3'amad 3ienoh 3ashan ahy forsa yestarya7. only akhier wa7ed kan merakez, and that was why the guy kan beyshar7loh howa.
film 3akeem, and ba3d lama khalaso 2olt at least in my college beyahtamo betafseel el ekhrag. the whole thing, starting from the gowns le7ad el shakhs elly beygeboh yes2al :) bas still, el ta3leem fi masr baz mn zaman.
Good luck with teaching post graduates degrees :) and enjoy your beloved uni.

Tamer Mokhtar said...

El-Ahly wel AUC are the same, not facing real competition, so they r competing ma3a nafsehom.

el mofti is trying to be modern :) shewaya we hay2ool foreplay is ok, we hayes hayes we enta teb2a kewayes !!